Up to 43.000 points compensation with the Amex Platinum!

Due to the currently very manageable benefits of the Amex Platinum credit card, Amex has come up with something to avoid cancellations.

UPDATE: Since American Express increased the value of the points significantly for a short time (125 points = 1€), the "compensation" since 21. April 2020 to just under 20.000 points reduced. However, this is still available by request! In addition, you currently earn 2 points per 1€ turnover with the Platinum Card.

At the moment, the action is just starting, so there may still be isolated difficulties in the application, so try it again in case of need, if you are discarded. About Travel-Dealz (thanks for the tip) it has already made the rounds, but I also want to keep you up to date as soon as possible. Since our beloved Amex Platinum, both in the private and in the business version, does not yield so many advantages and the 55€ per month for the private card is not really cheap, American Express has come up with a really accommodating action. On demand you get approx. 41.000 20.000 Membership Rewards points will be credited to your main card account and you can use them later e.g. Convert them into miles, hotel points or other rewards. Considering that the offer can be converted 5:4 into miles, the value of this promotion becomes clear quite quickly. With some mileage programs it goes up to 30.000-35.000 miles in business class from Europe to the Middle East or across Asia. So it is best to secure the points quickly and enjoy at least this advantage for the future.

Information and registration

Request Membership Rewards points as compensation!

  • Now due to the little usable Amex Platinum benefits during the "Corona crisis" approx. 20.Secure 000 points as compensation!
  • Promotion valid until: until revoked (only for existing customers)!)
  • The payment of the Membership Rewards points will only be made once to your main card account and must be applied for independently!
  • Depending on the chosen method of application (mail or phone), the points will be ca. 1-7 days later credited, whereby it should go very fast on the phone
  • Meanwhile, the action has gotten around and you only have to say that you have heard of it and should directly receive a confirmation, done

Request points by mail or phone

Depending on the type of your card, you will receive the American Express Memberhsip Rewards points credited. A little more than 43.000 20.000 points are available for the business version and just under 41.000 20.000 points for the private credit card. So if you are already in possession of an Amex Platinum (Business) for a longer period of time, you can secure really many points and this by a single phone call or mail. When you call, you should receive a short verbal confirmation and approx. 24h later the points are there, with a mail it takes sometimes longer than a week. I just got a verbal confirmation of the credit on the phone, so everything should work out.

  • Request by phone on the Amex Platinum Hotline: +49 69 9797 1000 (from Germany)
  • Alternatively, you can use the online contact form (after logging in) and submit your data including the reason for the request by "mail"!

Credit note after receipt of the "compensation" by Amex


In the meantime, the requests should go through quite quickly and you can get decent points with the promotion. Since you can exchange Membership Rewards points 5:4 in miles, you have quite quickly an expensive business class flight together and can fly after the end of the restrictions again relaxed around the world. As an existing customer, take a few minutes, ask and with a bit of luck the points will be available within the next few days. I find this kind of "compensation" very successful, because by now you pay the ca. 55€ per month almost for free and can't really use many benefits. So before some customers get the idea to cancel, they decided to give out generous points. For now, the information applies only to Germany; how it will play out in Austria and Switzerland remains to be seen, but you can give it a try. I hope you have fun redeeming now and back in a timely manner with all the other benefits of the American Express Platinum credit cards!