The most beautiful accommodations in Tofo Beach

For our stay in Tofo we planned to stay more than one accommodation, just to get more impressions. At that time (2017), the choice was still quite manageable and the Mozambeat Motel appealed to us the most.


Don't be put off by the name, because it was anything but a motel – it was a really nice oasis where you could relax in nicely furnished bungalows. However, there were also social evenings not too short. The Mozambeat combines both and offers a balance between recreation and party. In addition, the accommodation is particularly attractive for divers.

Rooms at the Mozambeat

But first let's look at the types of accommodation. And here we are already at the first advantage: here everyone can stay. For those who want to save money we recommend to stay in a tent, which can be booked from $6 per night. If you like it a bit more sociable, the Dormitory (from $10 per night) is a good place to stay. The more upscale options are either a standard room (from $35 per night) or a private ensuite cabin (from $45 per night) and include breakfast. The latter is e.g. The Mozambeat is equipped with a hammock on the private veranda and has a beautiful open-air bathroom. Overall, the accommodation is simple, but very stylishly furnished. You can feel the attention to detail as soon as you enter the room. We initially wanted to stay here for four nights and ended up staying for over a week because it was just about perfect. In retrospect, we regret that we did not spend our entire stay at the Mozambeat. ☹

The center of the complex was a two-story open complex, which united the bar, the reception, the restaurant and a chill lounge in one. This area was also used by the owners as an event area, where social events like movie nights, poker nights, or birthday parties were organized at regular intervals. Although Max and I are not typical party people anymore, we felt very comfortable and enjoyed the evenings. This was probably also due to the fact that many guests at Mozambeat were divers and we were therefore among like-minded people.

Mozambeat – perfect for divers

We didn't know right away that the Mozambeat is a perfect location for divers and were happily surprised on our first day. At the check-in we were told that as a guest of the Mozambeat Motel you get a 20% discount on diving at the Peri Peri diving school. This also took away the decision for us, which dive center to dive with. However, even without the discount, we would always recommend this diving center. Here you can read our report about diving at Peri Peri.

Disclaimer: In the meantime the Mozambeat no longer cooperates with Peri Peri, but with DIVERSITYScuba and offers Stay& Dive Packages on. This is also worth a look, as you can u.A. can save up to 30% on diving. You can find more info at

Nightlife at Mozambeat

After diving during the day, we spent many evenings directly in Mozambeat, because there was often program offered. Not to be confused with an animation program as you know it from package vacations. Instead, social gatherings were organized, where you could socialize with other divers while listening to nice music and eating snacks. Among other things, movie nights and poker nights were organized, which also acted as a magnet for out-of-town guests, making Mozambeat the place to be. Who now gets the scary idea that you are exposed to a certain noise level at night, I can calm down. This is not the case and every night you find the rest you need to be able to go diving full of energy again the next morning.


Highly recommended! We would stay there again at any time.


A pro pos Place to be. Still in South Africa we talked to two other divers who were already in Tofo. According to their statement, the Fatimas Nest, which by the way has direct beach location and therefore a bombastic location, is the place to be in Tofo. This was therefore recommended to us as accommodation, which we actually considered. Due to the lack of meaningful pictures on the Internet, we wanted to first look at the beach bungalows directly on site and make our decision only afterwards. And that was good.

Basically, Fatimas Nest also offers different types of accommodation. Similar to Mozambeat you have the choice between tent, dormitory or bungalow, either with private or shared bathroom. Here we would have chosen the bungalow with private bathroom, which for two persons cost 2800 Meticais (approx. 40€) per night. From a minimum number of nights we even got a 15% discount on top. However, during our on-site inspection we were a bit disillusioned. Compared to the Mozambeat, the Fatimas Nest is rather simple, without any frills. Despite the brilliant location I did not see myself staying there overnight. I admit, regarding vacation accommodations I just need that certain something extra. For this reason we spontaneously extended our stay at Mozambeat and did not regret it. We rather regretted the fact that we did not spend the whole time there. But no, I had convinced myself beforehand that I wanted to stay in at least two accommodations and so we ended up in an AirBnB lodge for the last 3 days.


The Mango Suite has room for 5 people and has a kitchen as well as a grill. However, we did not cook for ourselves once during the whole time, because the restaurants in the center of the village were just too good (fresh fish every day). As the name already suggests, you can watch beautiful sunsets from the lodge. The spacious veranda faces a beautiful field decorated with coconut palms. This creates an incredibly idyllic and quiet atmosphere. However, there is also a swamp in the middle of the field, where the biggest mosquitoes in Tofo can be found. Unfortunately, the mosquito net, which hung over the bed, clearly failed. At this point I can only emphasize how important insect repellent is when staying in this accommodation. (In the Mozambeat we had no problems with mosquitoes).

What was a bit annoying at Mozambeat was a big advantage here – the location. From the lodge it was really only a few minutes walk to the center of the village, where the market, all the bars& Restaurants as well as the beach are located.


Although we had nothing to complain about in this accommodation, we were missing that little bit extra. If you look at the accompanying pictures, you probably ask yourself, what crossed our path that we come to such a conclusion. The Mango Suite was beautiful, the location is top and one was undisturbed. Maybe it is because of the last point that we missed something. The people, the other divers with whom you could chat and bicker in the evening about the dives. The convivial mood, the flair, the atmosphere that prevails in the Mozambeat. This is what we missed! So it came down to the fact that we also spent the last evenings at Mozambeat without being overnight guests. Probably we just did not want to leave. And even today, 4 years later, we keep saying to each other: Hey, we have to go to Tofo again! Next time then with child. Out of pure interest, I look every now and then, which new accommodations there are now in Tofo and the ever-growing selection shows: Tofo is developing.

Below I have compiled a few accommodations that I would consider for our next stay in Tofo. How to choose?