The ladies’ trip in Alsace

Many claim that houseboating is purely a man's job. But this is not true at all. Women can also drive a boat! Jenny proved this together with her girls on their Ladiestorn in Alsace. Find out what the ladies experienced in the north of France.

Jenny on board

This is Jenny, a real cheerful person and water lover. She loves the water! The passion was laid in her cradle. Her father is an enthusiastic houseboater and sailor. It is therefore not surprising that Jenny followed in his footsteps. And what do young people do when they can not tear themselves away from their hobby? Exactly! They make their hobby their profession. Jenny started in charter sales in 2010, but switched to boat sales after a few years. Since then, she has been selling the boats to owners as an investment – first through the Le Boat owner program, but now with our yachting colleagues at Sunsail and The Moorings.

Nevertheless Jenny is still part of the crew, visits us Le Boaties from time to time and has to be on the boat at least once a year. A few years ago she planned a special boat trip. Jenny wanted to dispel the cliche that boating is a man's job. She said: "Ladies can go boating too! Really good even." In April 2015, her wish became more concrete: She contacted her friends from elementary school and created the "Ladiestorn im Elsass" (ladies' trip in Alsace).

These are the ladies on board

The Crew

A colorful mixture of students, lawyers, teachers, realtors and Jenny, the only boater. One quickly asks oneself: "Can this go well?!?". But Jenny is sure: "Yes of course! We will prove it to everyone."

Jenny naturally took the lead. One must do. She planned the route and distributed tasks beforehand. Of course she answered all questions of her girls. And these were not few. Starting with "Do I have to take a hairdryer with me?" about "What should I wear??" to "Is there enough water for all of us to take a shower??"Typical woman. But Jenny always had a suitable answer ready.

Preparation tips for you at a glance

  • Roughly create the route in advance and explain it to all crew members.
  • Plan meals and responsibilities in advance. This saves time on board, which can be spent talking together and sunbathing.
  • Plan also restaurant visits. You should definitely try the Alsatian cuisine with its famous tarte flambee.
  • Recommend to your crew Le Blog, the houseboat blog. Here you will find all the important tips for boating, e.g.B. 10 things that belong in your luggage or locks made easy. Jenny said: "None of my crews has been so well prepared before."
  • Choose the right houseboat for your group.


The right boat for a group of girls

The Grand Classique

"The boat for the girls' trip was quickly found – the Grand Classique," Jenny explained. Reasons were: 800 liter water tank (!), five cabins as well as three wet rooms (one even with a separate shower). So perfect for the girls who have already familiarized themselves with the boat in advance. Like? Well, about the virtual tour.

After all preparations were finished and the cars were loaded with travel bags, the trip could finally start. The boat was finally waiting at the base in Hesse.

The trip to the Le Boat base was beautiful. The sun was shining. Perfect holiday weather and the Alsatian magic did the rest: it already felt like vacation!

Upon arrival at the base, Jenny's girls could not get out of their amazement.

So many boats, large and small, on a canal that stretched through the breathtaking Alsatian countryside. They were immediately enthusiastic about the houseboat trip, although they have not even entered the boat yet.

Jenny quickly changed that and fetched the boat key. During the first tour on the houseboat, the cabins were immediately distributed. Five cabins for eight girls. That was more than enough.

Everything on board

Afterwards the travel bags and – very important – the provisions were brought on board. Settling in on the boat went quickly. After all, each had its task.

The ladies leave

On the way from Hesse to Lutzelbourg there were several highlights. The young ladies drove through two tunnels to the Arzviller ship lift. You had not imagined it to be so impressive. Afterwards the crew mastered 4 locks. This was easier for them from time to time. Finally they reached Lutzelbourg. The boat was moored and the hike to the Lutzelburg began. A 15 minute walk and the whole town was already at their feet. A really dreamlike photo motive!

Ruins of the Lutzelburg

Granted, there are only remnants of the castle dating from the eleventh century left. But they are not less worth seeing and perfect for individual photos.

More highlights of the girls in Alsace-Lorraine

Saverne (dt. Zabern)

Arrival in Saverne

The arrival in Saverne was impressive. The Rhine-Marne Canal meandered so beautifully around the Rohan Castle that it could already be seen from all sides from the water. Saverne is also often called the "city of flowers". The girls also recognized the reason during the city tour. Tulips everywhere! Even more flowers can be found in the botanical garden in ca. 335 meters on the Zaberner Steige (frz. Col de Saverne). As a garden and flower lover you should not miss this "Jardin remarquable" awarded facility.

Saverne city stroll

A stroll through the pretty pedestrian zone and a subsequent dinner in the restaurant "Taverne de Katz", the oldest house in town, the ladies can only endorse.

Port of Saverne

A nice harbor for one or more overnight stay(s) is located directly opposite the castle. The harbour master is happy to help with mooring. For the mooring (including water and shore power) and the tourist tax the ladies paid about 15€. Little tip: The harbour master usually has city maps in his office. The city tour can thus start from the harbor and you will find your way back safely again.

Chateau du Haut-Barr (dt. Hohbarr castle)

The castle ruin towers five kilometers above Saverne. To reach it, 300 meters of altitude have to be overcome. But the view compensates all. Not for nothing the viewpoint is known as "Eye of Alsace. On sunny days even the Strasbourg Cathedral can be seen from here.

Castle Hohbarr



Did you know that one of the most famous French beers comes from Hochfelden in Alsace?? The brewery is said to have existed here since 870. It was taken over in 1898 by the Haag family, who continued the brewing tradition with the "Meteor" beer and still maintain it today. 320 hectoliters are brewed every day. If this is not worth a tour!?

Bachelor party

Speaking of beer. The ladies crew met a men's crew on the way, who were celebrating the skipper's bachelor party. Of course they had enough beer with them. Well then, cheers and a happy as well as long marriage!

A bachelor party on a houseboat is a fine thing in itself! But if you are looking for an alternative, you will find it on bachelor party guaranteed to find.

Strasbourg (dt. Strasbourg)


Strasbourg, the capital of Alsace, you have to see. Not only because it plays an important role in Europe from a political point of view, but also because Strasbourg is worth seeing and the ladies were more than enthusiastic about it.

On your tour through Strasbourg you should take time for the "Strasbourg Cathedral" (french: Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg). Besides the extraordinary organ and the windows from the 12. to 14. You can't miss the astronomical clock from 1842 in the nineteenth century.


Take a break before or after the tour in one of the cute cafes around the cathedral. Jenny and her girls have fortified themselves with coffee and the typical French macarons.

La Petit France

Stroll through the flower-filled alleys along the Ill River, which gives the city so much charm. Insider tip of the ladies crew: La Petit France (engl. the little France). It is the most beautiful part of the old town of Strasbourg.

The conclusion of the skipper


"I was already aware during the preparation that it would be a different houseboat trip than usual, since none of the ladies had ever been on a boat before. Now, afterwards, I can confirm that it was the most unusual boat trip I have experienced so far. We got to know each other more intensively as friends and there was a lot of laughter – on board and ashore."

Girls at the helm

"I can highly recommend a girlfriend trip on a houseboat to any lady. Houseboating is not difficult. My friends also got married and mastered the Grand Classique with flying colors. And Alsace, with its beautiful landscape and smaller and larger towns, offers the perfect mix."

Grand Classique

A completely successful houseboat vacation! There they sat on their last day, enjoying their time in beautiful Alsace and already thinking about which cruising area they will board together again. Whether it will be Alsace again ..