The 7 most beautiful walks in spring in northern Germany

Spring is creeping through Germany on quiet feet. Perfect to clear your head and just let your soul dangle. In northern Germany there are so many places that will enchant you, from breathtaking landscapes and fresh flowers to a fresh breeze at the many beaches. You decide!

In times of cornovirus, social distancing is the order of the day on the featured walks. Do the walks with your family or alone, because we all have to do our part to contain the virus. Together we are strong!

The 7 most beautiful walks in spring in northern Germany

Old country: Blossom magic at the apple blossom

In springtime in Hamburg, it's not just a matter of getting out into the countryside, but into the city . Northern Europe's largest fruit-growing area begins just a few kilometers from the city gates. Dutch settlers laid out the orchards along the Elbe hundreds of years ago – and their special way of building is still visible today, among other things, in the beautiful Altlander farmhouses with their ornamental doors.

In spring it blossoms between Jork and Stade at every corner and apple trees, cherry trees& Co. care for a white sea of blossoms. The tour by bike is especially beautiful: From Hamburg along the Elbe and then with the ferry over to Cranz is a stone's throw. And so you can cycle along the orchards in a relaxed way and stop at one or the other fruit farm.

In the orchard of Obstparadies Schuback you can even picnic under the blossoming fruit trees. And also the numerous farm cafes invite to a visit. Every year on the first weekend in May, many of the fruit farms also offer a special program for the Altlander Blossom Festival. If you have enough time in your luggage, you should also plan a side trip to the old Hanseatic city of Stade, where it is particularly beautiful around the picturesque Hanseatic harbor.

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Island Norderney: favorite destination in spring

Every year in spring we are drawn to Norderney. We especially like to spend the Easter vacations on the East Frisian island in the North Sea. Ever since our children were little, they have loved the traditional Easter traditions on Norderney. A real highlight is the big Easter fire on Easter Saturday at the Westbadestrand, with which the winter is symbolically driven away.

While the pollen of the early bloomers is already on its way in southern Germany, nature is just awakening on Norderney. The daffodils, which bloom everywhere on the island in spring, are magical. Plagued at home by hay fever, we can breathe a few days wonderfully in the pollen-free air.

During long walks on the beach we let the fresh breeze blow around our noses. Our tip is a hike to the popular shipwreck at the east end of the island. Cycling is also great fun on Norderney, as there is a well-developed network of cycle paths and many bicycle rental shops.

Afterwards it is simply wonderful to warm up again with tea in one of the numerous cafes. With a little luck, the temperatures on the island at Easter are also already so pleasant that you can sit outside and enjoy the sun in the afternoon.

But what we find most beautiful are the sunsets on Norderney. Evening after evening we stand on the beach and admire the magical play of colors. On our blog you will find our .

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Fehmarn: Spring fever on the Baltic Sea island

Fehmarn, for us it's a bit like coming home when we drive over the "coat hanger", the famous Fehmarnsund Bridge. Stop for a moment and enjoy the view: Water all around -a dreamlike view, at the latest here the vacation can begin. As soon as the temperatures become a little milder and the first March bells announce spring, we are drawn to Germany's third largest island. Why you should definitely visit the:

Water sports:

Whether it's surfing, SUP or kite surfing, the island is full of water sports maniacs like us. I was also really surprised by the great beaches on Fehmarn. The sandy beach "Sudstrand" or the "Grune Brink" in the north, not far from the monument Niobe are just an example of beautiful beaches and really worth a visit.

The islanders:

Moin moin! Already after our first visit we were blown away by the friendliness and helpfulness of the islanders, but after our second visit it was official: I have rarely felt so welcome in Germany.


Fish, fish and more fish. In the north, eating fresh fish is a must for me, preferably every day. On the island of Fehmarn there are really some nice, rustic restaurants. Whether fancy or a little simpler, everyone will find something suitable here.

My tips:

My absolute three favorite places are the harbor in Orth, the Hofcafe Albertsdorf and Burg -the "island capital".

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Hamburg: Cherry blossoms and nature

Hamburg is one of my favorite cities in Germany. I find the city with its architecture and the Elbe beautiful at any time of the year. But in spring, the whole Hanseatic city is in bloom and you see crocuses, daffodils, cherry and magnolia trees everywhere. The blossoms give the city a completely different feel.

Spring is therefore the best time to explore the city park and Planten un Blomen park. There daffodils, hyacinths, tulips, magnolia trees and many other plants bloom in the spring. On the Liebesinsel in the Stadtparksee, you can watch the sunset under the wide-grown cherry tree.

Directly at the Alster the cherry trees blossom in springtime. You can have breakfast in a cafe at the Alster or have an afternoon coffee and enjoy the view. Walk around the parks for a few quiet hours before moving on to the other places in Hamburg. For inspiration, check out my

My personal highlight of Hamburg is the Elbe beach and the beach pearl. You can enjoy the first rays of sun directly at the sandy beach. It almost feels like a little beach vacation. If you don't like to go directly to the sand, you can enjoy the sun in the beach pearl or another cafe on the beach.

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Spring feelings will definitely arise on the beautiful Baltic Sea island of Rugen. The island offers a great and varied landscape, still some undiscovered beaches and of course the sea.

While it quickly becomes crowded and touristy in the summer on the famous island, you can still enjoy a little peace and quiet in the spring. When the days slowly become longer and warmer again, the island then awakens again from its winter sleep. The numerous avenues of trees along the roads are becoming green again, the water appears bluer and flowers are blooming.

Maybe you sit down on the terrace of a cafe and enjoy the view of the Baltic Sea with a hot drink? Of course, spring also invites you to long walks and bike rides. I can also recommend a visit to the natural heritage center in Prora with its tree top walk. However you spend your spring vacation on Rugen, I can promise you that it will be a great experience!

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Lubeck Bay: perfect weekend at the Baltic Sea

Summer, sun, beach: on nice days, half of northern Germany flocks to the Baltic coast in Schleswig Holstein to lounge on the sand in one of the pretty seaside resorts or stroll along the beach promenade lapping up ice cream.

But the Baltic Sea is even more beautiful in winter and spring. Whether in snow, storm or blue sky and sunshine – especially in the cold season it has a very special charm. Especially the Bay of Lubeck offers numerous possibilities for a perfect short trip to the sea.

How about a beautiful spring day with blue sky and a frosty wind blowing the remnants of winter over the sea? Wrapped up warm, sticking your red nose in the sun as you walk along the boardwalk from the Scharbeutz pier to the Ostseetherme spa. There you warm up in the sauna with sea view and stretch your bare feet into the cold sea.

At sunset, feast at the restaurant "Wolkenlos" on the pier in Timmendorf and enjoy the most beautiful view of the sea from the fully glazed tea house.

In the evening you fall into the cozy bed at Nici's B&B and are spoiled the next morning with a fabulous breakfast. A short walk around the frozen lake Grober Ponitzer See or a bit of ship watching in the harbor of Niendorf will round up your weekend before you go home refreshed. Here you can find my tips for