Szczecin vacation tips: 48 hours City-Reloaded

In fact, it was not our first visit to the Polish city, near the German border. Since we had already traveled to Szczecin once in 2005, we were appropriately curious to see how the city has changed.

Follow me for 48 hours through Szczecin – with my (at least) 7 special discoveries and tips..

Szczecin vacation

Destination Szczecin: good to know..

Szczecin is, with over 400.000 inhabitants, the seventh largest city in Poland. Actually there are even almost 800.000 inhabitants, if you include the city's surrounding area (which lies on the river Oder).

Szczecin vacation: What else should you know about the city?

Szczecin is a "colorful" university/student city. It is located regionally on the Baltic Sea in the Szczecin Lagoon. It's only 125 kilometers to Berlin. Therefore the city, e.g. For the Berliners or also with journey from Rostock, quite as a short vacation destination.

By the way, the Polish name of the city is "Szecin".

Szczecin is divided into four boroughs and 37 districts. An eventful history lies behind the city:

Founded in 12. Century, Pest, at 17. Century in the hand of the Swedes, Napoleon, Bismarcktum, bombing and occupation zone.

In former times Szczecin belonged also once to Germany. In fact, I, in my environment, even know people who fled the city at that time, after World War II.

Szczecin trip - on the Oder river

Szczecin travelogue: Follow the red thread..

We arrived on a Thursday noon, in the middle of July, in the city. From the way I had booked an apartment in Szczecin for us. It was important for us to find an accommodation close to the city center.

With our booked Szczecin vacation apartment we were located directly at the river Oder and within walking distance to the famous Hakenterrasse ca. 10 to 15 minutes.

The Hakenterrasse on the west bank of the Oder, with the National Museum and a great view over the river and part of the harbor, has also been the starting point for our city exploration. From here on we followed the "red thread through Szczecin".

The map to the "Red Thread", was as a tip from our host, in our apartment. In addition, I had already heard and read about the "red thread through Szczecin" from various travel bloggers.

Szczecin travel tips - follow the red thread

What is the red thread through Szczecin?

The Szczecin walking tour is a great way to explore the city. We started our city tour along the red line through Szczecin on Friday morning around 10.30 o'clock – after an extensive breakfast in our vacation apartment.

The red thread through the city is an invention of the Szczecin Regional Tourist Board. You can easily follow the red lines. This way you will pass 42 historical and important buildings and monuments of the city. At the tourist information you also get a city map, with explanations in German, to the individual buildings.

For the city walk through Szczecin, we really took the whole day. Around 21 clock we arrived back at our apartment – with many impressions, felt 1.000 photos and a concentrated load of new knowledge – after about 12 kilometers (18.131 steps) Walk. Very often we marveled at beautiful churches, old buildings, read the history of various monuments and of course the pleasure was not neglected.

In addition, it is always particularly important to us not only to "rush" through a city, but to really take time and rest. My motto "Slow Travel" also applies to city trips. In fact, a city can be explored particularly well on foot.

Szczecin travel tips - At the hook terraces

Szczecin travelogue - hook terraces overlooking the Oder river

Hook terraces Szczecin

In 2005, we also visited the Columbus restaurant, which is located on the steps of the Hakenterrassen. As a result, I had quail for the first time, which tasted really good by the way. The restaurant still enjoys a very good reputation today.

Red thread Szczecin - view into different churches

Red thread Szczecin - view into different churches

Szczecin vacation: Sights of the city

The red thread through Szczecin will take you past many buildings, churches, monuments etc. englang. I have you here simply times a few of the most important and as I find most beautiful listed – at which you also really pass on the walk, on the red line:

  • hook terrace
  • Red town hall
  • Castle of the Pomeranian Dukes
  • Maritime Museum
  • Sacred Heart Shrine
  • Old Town Hall
  • Baroque Eagle Fountain
  • Post office
  • Walk along the banks of the Oder
  • Grunwaldzki Square
  • Grunderzeit houses
  • Berlin Gate

Tip: really take your time for the walk along the red line!

Discoveries along the red line in Szczecin

My little enjoyable Szczecin travel guide

While you are traveling in Poland, "enjoyment" must not be neglected of course. Course said, we have us, with theTour by Stettin, also really the luxury treated, on the left and on the right of the way, to turn in. Of course I have a few tips for you on this topic as well.

Below the line, maybe even the one or other Szczecin secret tip…🙂

Szczecin trip 2005 - Red Town Hall

On the way in Szczecin

Szczecin from above with pleasure – Cafe 22

If you want to see Szczecin from above, you should visit Cafe 22. Finally, you will also find the bistro/restaurant along the "red line". Cafe 22 is located at 22.sten floor of an office building at the Radisson Blu Hotel.

The cafe with a view is also run by the hotel. It opens daily at 11 a.m. Against 11.30 o'clock we arrived there. From the Hakenterrasse to the cafe it's just one kilometer. As already mentioned, we take our time for our tour through Szczecin and therefore we actually needed already one hour for this kilometer. 😉

Tip: In fact, 11.30 o'clock is a good arrival time for the visit in the cafe 22. Because from 12 o'clock it is suddenly full in the cafe and the good seats are then also booked up quickly.

We were lucky and could get a window seat for us.

With a coffee, juice cocktails and bagles we enjoyed this great view over Szczecin. The prices are, for such an exclusive location, still moderate. We have a total of about 15.- Euro paid.

You get in the cafe rolls, salads, cocktails, wine, coffee specialties, pastries and also small hot dishes to eat.

  • Cafe 22, pl. Rodła 8, 70-419 Szczecin // Tel. 91 359 52 00 (daily 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.)

Szczecin travel tips - Cafe 22

View Cafe 22 Szczecin

Szczecin from above

Szczecin travel& Pleasure: Maritime at the Oder without buts

You are in the mood for fish?

Below the Hakenterrassen, directly on the Oder, you will find fish restaurants. On the opposite side of the river Oder I also discovered a beach club. It offers of course a relaxed view of the city.

Fancy an unusual overnight stay? Directly on the Oder there is an old ship – the Ladoga – which is anchored and on which you can spend the night (from approx. 50.- Euro per room). Moreover, on the ship you can also eat really good, Polish specialties: Pirogi, beetroot soup, fish..

By the way, our apartment in Szczecin (about 500 meters from the Ladoga) has in comparison also only about 65.- Euro cost (for 2 nights).

If you are planning a short trip to Szczecin, you can of course also take a maritime tour of the Odra harbor. Of course there are also such offers, as it is appropriate for a port city.

View into our apartment Szczecin

In this house was our Szczecin apartment

Szczecin travel tip - walk along the river Oder

Szczecin trip& Pleasure: Grunderzeit houses between cultures..

Admittedly, it is already very touristy at the Grunderzeit houses at the Red City Hall. In addition, many people from Szczecin meet here for a meal, a glass of wine or a beer.

In the Wilhelminian style houses, by the Red Town Hall, you will find small, nice restaurants, bistros, pubs and wine bars.

We already walked through Szczecin on Thursday, after our arrival – just like that, without any program and big goals. Consequently, we ended up for dinner in the cozy wine restaurant Bachus – in one of the Grunderzeit houses. We ended the first Szczecin day with a bottle of red wine, pierogi and bread soup.

Szczecin vacation – review of 2005: Also during our visit in 2005, we were already in the quarter with the Grunderzeit houses for dinner. At that time there was also bread soup, pierogi and instead of wine, beer. 😉

Szczecin trip 2005

Gruenderzeithaeuser - Szczecin trip summer2017

Szczecin Castle: The spectacle of the astronomical clock

In the castle of the Pomeranian Dukes we stopped on Friday (during our tour on the red thread through Szczecin), for coffee and cake.

In the late afternoon we were waiting for the small spectacle of the colorful astronomical clock in the clock tower on the south wing (a gift from the Swedes in the 17th century). Century) waited.

Anyway, the eyes in the face of the clock follow the clock hand and the open mouth shows the current date. A blue-gold globe gives information about the phases of the moon and the jester strikes the gong on the hour and also on the quarter hours.

Castle of the Pomeranian Dukes

Szczecin - Castle of the Pomeranian Dukes

Szczecin Wellness – Baltica Spa with Wellness& Sauna

Of course, my wellness tip for Szczecin may not be missing. At the Radisson you will find 22. Floor, not only the Cafe 22. On the floors below there is also the Baltica Spa – Wellness& Sauna.

At the Baltica Spa, wellness fans can be pampered from head to toe. There are massages, beauty and wellness treatments available. In addition, a sauna area belongs to the spa, with an aroma bath, an Ottoman steam bath, a dry sauna, a caldarium and even a snow grotto.

While I was on the road in Szczecin, there was unfortunately no time for an extensive wellness and spa check.

  • Baltica Wellness& Spa, Plac Rodła 8, 70-419 Szczecin // +48 91 359 44 00

Szczecin is worth a trip?

Of course I can only answer this question with "yes". In 2005 Szczecin actually looked a bit different, since then a lot has happened in the city. We liked our second visit to Szczecin very much. The summer in Szczecin is really very beautiful and the city has something cozy and seems a little in transition.

Szczecin is a city with old buildings and history. Regardless of this, it is modern and also looks very colorful. There are a lot of young people in the city and the gastronomy is fresh and varied. Whereby there are also traditional restaurants and of course, very important, also traditional food.

Szczecin is not a big metropolis, but we really liked the city.

In conclusion, I think Szczecin is a real "insider tip". In the city you are also really cheap to travel. Almost everything in the city can be reached on foot, if you are good at walking. Accordingly, you can quickly get an overview. Within two days we managed, at leisure, of course, only the city center / old town of Szczecin.

Here are a few more ideas for exploring Szczecin. Should you have more time in your luggage or simply want to see other spots:

  • Visit the old air raid shelters (start at the main railway station)
  • Walk over the central cemetery (great photo location – model was the cemetery Olsdorf in Hamburg)
  • Emerald Lake (25.000 square meters in size)

Discover Szczecin - young, old city

Szczecin vacation discoveries in the city

You would like to discover even more travel stops on our road trip through Poland?