Street Art Cologne – discovery tour through the Belgian quarter & Ehrenfeld

The Belgian Quarter in Cologne (the people of Cologne say Veedel, by the way) is trendy and the talk of the town. Full of hip people and my object of desire: Street Art. The streets (derived from Belgian cities) are packed with artworks and discoveries. Here you can find everything the streetart heart desires, paste ups, stickers and murals. Street art is a dime a dozen in Cologne. But in the Belgian Quarter you will find the best street art in Cologne and real treasures.

The neighborhood is not only known for its street art, but also for the fashion-conscious, individualists and hipsters. The fashion stores line up here, small boutiques that do their own thing. Next to it you can find galleries, apartments and cafes.

If you are now looking for fashion chains a la H&M, you will search in vain. Like the clientele, the stores here are individual. The square around the Christuskirche is a meeting place for young and old and the center of street art. The perfect place for the streetartists to present their work. In this sense: Viva Colonia!

I spent 2 days in the Belgian Quarter and would like to share with you my favorite pieces from my street art tour through Cologne. You can also find many tips here:

Street Art Cologne – Belgian Quarter

Short explanation about the different variations of street art:

Sticker – is stuck on objects

Paste Up – made of paper, is fixed with glue or paste

Mural – Painting on a wall

Stencil – paint is applied with a stencil

Street Art Cologne: Pdot and his ghosts

Pdot is an unknown street artist who draws his circles not only in Cologne. Originally started in Dusseldorf to paste the famous Pac-Man ghost. His stickers are mainly found where they can not be removed so easily. So eyes open. Its colorful ghosts hide high up on the back of street signs, on the walls of houses or other fancy places.

Street Art Cologne PDot

Street Art Cologne: Planet Selfie – Criticism of society?

Street Art Cologne Planet Selfie

Selfies. Disease or blessing? Everyone can answer this question for himself as he likes. see them as a reason to draw attention to them with comic paste ups. Did you know that last year more people died in a selfie than in a shark attack?? This is a reason to look at the selfie-mania from another side.

Street Art Cologne: Yes!There! – Be a kid again

Street Art Cologne Paste Up

Paste Ups by Ja!There! are funny and colorful. This arrives. In the belgian quarter you can find some artworks. What I like about it? Nostalgia. Most of the paste-ups adorn comic characters from my youth. How can you not get nostalgic about it?

Street Art in Cologne: Joiny – little girl big time

Street Art Cologne Joiny

Joiny is cult. Joiny can be found everywhere. Joiny has been around a lot. The little girl usually gives her words of wisdom. Always in their own way and always in Kolsch. Joiny has seen a lot of the world too. She has already been to Amsterdam, Tokyo or even Berlin. In style always with their cologne sayings – and the joint in the hand.

Street Art Cologne: Meow – More cats the world needs

If the world needs something, it needs more Cat-Content. Where there is a cat, there is also a good mood. Like here in the Belgian Quarter. Meow brings more cats on the streets with her Paste Ups. In all variations. Meow is there where Cat-Content is needed – everywhere. I want to see more of it!

Street Art Cologne Meow Paste Up

Street Art Cologne: #LIEBE – favorite piece

Street Art Cologne

In June, an unknown artist painted over 80 french fries bowls in rainbow colors, titled them #LIEBE and distributed them in downtown Cologne. All this in a night and fog action. Who it was remains unknown. The french fry bowls have disappeared in the meantime. However, near the Brusseler Platz I noticed this wonderful artwork. Whether it also goes on the account of the Pommesschalen artist?

Street Art Cologne: Be quiet – something to think about

Street Art Cologne Be Quiet

Here something more profound. The Paste Ups by Sei Leise cost me a lot of research, but it was worth it. I find the representation of the children in the Paste Ups absolutely successful and extraordinary. This is finally thought-provoking and not as shallow as some other art.

Street Art Cologne: BLAW BLAW BLAW – nothing more to add

Street Art CologneBlaw Blaw Blaw

Paste-ups now decorate every corner of the Belgian Quarter. Sometimes very small but also in bigger dimensions. Blaw Blaw Blaw is where you need to bla bla too. Mostly as a speech bubble on other artworks. But also individually the message works. One of my favorites!

Street Art Cologne: Knopfi – adorable button eyes

Knopfi often appears together with Joiny. Just like Joiny, she sometimes utters wisdom. Sometimes you can also find Knopfi in the form of a Minion. Unfortunately I did not have this pleasure.

Street Art Cologne Knopfi

Street Art Cologne: Zappel and Knautsch – on commission

Street Art Cologne Zappen and Knautsch

This mural from is a commissioned work and can be found at a garage in the belgian quarter. I like that the world here is upside down and the laws have been repealed. Commissioned works usually have a bad reputation in the scene. With some I can understand it. But if there is a message behind it, I don't find it reprehensible if you let yourself design your home.

Detour to Cologne Ehrenfeld

First of all: Ehrenfeld is full of street art, you won't see it all in a couple of hours. Better come back on a full day and dedicate yourself to street art. For some murals you have to search here, but some are obvious.

Like at the train station in Ehrenfeld. Here are some other murals.Maybe you are also at the right address with a street art tour. KolnTourismus offers street art tours in Ehrenfeld. Highly recommended by the way. I also did the tour and learned a lot.

This mural from Barcelona I like very much. There is just so much to find and it never gets boring. What can you find?

Street Art Cologne Zosen Mural

Street Art Cologne: ROA in Ehrenfeld – A legend

I am a fan. Ever since I saw the crane of ROA in London, actually in. I like the realistic representation with which he depicts the animals. This mural can be found in Cologne Ehrenfeld at an old butcher shop. Quite fitting for such an anatomically exact skinned rabbit. Unfortunately, the sight is not for the faint-hearted, and so his contribution to the CityLeaks Festival sparked a veritable rabbit conspiracy.

Street Art Cologne ROA Rabbit

Here the house owners were only asked if they wanted to have a mural on their facade. However, you were not told what it is. In the meantime, the house owners have come to terms with it and even made friends with it. ROA's mural is even the most photographed in the city. What I say: Guys, you have a ROA in the Veedel, how cool is that!?

Streetart Cologne: Chasing the Record Man

The Record Man is a legend in Cologne, the idea is simple and yet so ingenious. Take a discarded record as a head and an elegantly dressed man as a body. Et voilA, the Record Man is ready to go.

According to my research there are still 2 of the kind in Ehrenfeld. One, on the photo near the Ehrenfeld train station and one in an underpass in the Belgian Quarter. I discovered it by chance on my way home from the car.

Street Art Cologne Recordman

A little culinary break in between

Cologne Time for Bread Cafe Ehrenfeld

In Ehrenfeld it is worth a detour to on Venloer Strabe. Especially recommended: the cinnamon buns. An incomparable, sticky pleasure. Heaven must taste like this! But also the snail with apple can convince.

Ice-cold refreshment at Eisfeld

Eisfeld Cologne Ehrenfeld

If the cinnamon bun at Zeit fur Brot was heaven, then the ice cream at a revelation or nirvana. I had the tonka bean ice cream and the very best (!) salted caramel ice cream in my career as a salted caramel eater. Located at the Ehrenfeld train station.Absolutely go there!

Burger madness at Beef Brothers

Beef Brothers Cologne Ehrenfeld

If you want a more hearty break, then I recommend the one on Aachener Strabe. Tasty and juicy burgers are just waiting to be eaten. As a burger fan, I can tell you that it is definitely worth a visit. The fries are served with homemade sauces. Delicious!

Spend the night in Cologne – take a break overnight

Sometimes a break has to last longer. Put your feet up, take a deep breath and go easy. Around the corner you will find the . The ideal place to relax and unwind.

Lindner Hotel City Plaza Cologne

There's always something going on in the trendy Friesenviertel, but the Lindner is a haven of calm. The rooms are stylish and the perfect mix of dark and light. Here you can relax your eyes from all the colorful street art and just chill out.

The Lindner Hotel City Plaza also offers access to its own First Class Lounge. You can book this for 35€. What you get for it? Round-the-clock soft drinks, hot beverages, a candy bar, and breakfast and dinner in snack form.

In the evening you can make yourself comfortable with a Kolsch on the terrace. All this for 24 hours and with chill factor. If you're still not relaxed enough, take a sauna or work off your excess energy in the fitness area.

Lindner Hotel City Plaza Cologne Lounge

Plus: The roof terrace in the First Class Lounge also has a view (albeit small) of the cathedral.

To start the day, the American breakfast with pancakes, waffles, salmon, fruit, muffins and much more will recharge your reserves for exploring the city. To the cathedral you need from here approx. 20 minutes on foot. Make sure to cross the Hohenzollern bridge to Deutz. The best view you can have of Cologne Cathedral!

Lindner Hotel City Plaza Cologne Fruit

By the way: Search around the Lindner Hotel for the mosaic by the legendary street artist. The makes street art in the form of mosaics that represent pixels. All over the world. So eyes on!

Let yourself drift in the Belgian Quarter. Go on a discovery tour and organize your own scavenger hunt for the artworks of the streetartists, which can be found again and again. That's exactly what I did and it was a lot of fun. Cologne is worth a visit and the Belgian quarter should definitely be on your list.

Trips from Cologne

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Do you have any questions about street art in Cologne?

Have you been to the Belgian Quarter? Do you have a tip for cool streetart? Let me know in the comments.