Situation report on Berlin clubs: How they’re doing – and what’s needed now

When Berlin's party fans have thought about the clubs in recent months, it was probably mostly with an uneasy feeling in their stomachs. A bit like in school, when you knew that you would soon get a class assignment again and the grade below would most likely not be a good one. Now, with the Senate's phased plan and the prospect of relaxations and openings in the open-air sector for clubs as well, the Club Commission presents a comprehensive situation report on Berlin's club landscape.

With the Senate's relaxations, clubs in Berlin are hoping for open air events

The report turns out somewhat better than some laymen might have expected. 69 percent of respondents are confident they can continue after the pandemic. However, 16 percent are also toying with the idea of giving up their business. The Club Commission hopes that doesn't happen: It is their stated goal that all clubs survive the pandemic.

Clubs want to use parks and open spaces

160 club operators and event organizers took part in the Club Commission's survey. 90 percent of them rate their knowledge of hygiene concepts as good or very good, almost as many are ready to organize an operation with rapid tests, personalized tickets, vaccination passport control and apps.

In addition, the majority would like to use their own outdoor spaces or parks and other open spaces for events. That this will also happen soon is not unlikely: According to the Senate's phased plan, from 6. June outdoor events with up to 500 people allowed, 18 and over. June even with 1000. The outdoor areas of many clubs, such as Berghain, Wilde Renate or About Blank, should be full by then as well.

"Now that the end of the third wave is in sight, it is up to politics to allow for exemptions and model projects. The Berlin Senate's decision to open up outdoor catering and allow cultural events to take place outdoors is the glimmer of hope we've been waiting for," says Clubcommission press officer Lutz Leichsenring.

Club culture also needs indoor spaces

Hope for some revenue is much needed in club landscape. In 2020, clubs took in an average of 17 percent of 2020 revenues. This is roughly the same as the first two months in 2020, before the first lockdown took effect. And even though 77 percent of those surveyed have received support from the state, the federal government and donations, the next few months in particular will be very difficult for the clubs. Only 34 percent of respondents were able to build up reserves before the pandemic, according to the survey – and those have now been depleted.

A little operation, a little work would go a long way. However: "Club culture can only be real club culture again when it is possible to do without indoor spacing. Until then, clubs and music venues continue to rely on funding, says Club Commission Chair Pamela Schobeb.

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