Scene district Bremen: Tips for Ostertor, the alternative cultural district

Actually, I feel like I'm in the middle of Kreuzberg right now, not Bremen." Those were roughly my words that came to mind during a guided tour of Bremen's alternative cultural assets. Whether I feel comfortable? Definitely. With a beer in my hand, I set out to get to know Bremen from a different side. Namely, the trendy neighborhood in Bremen: Ostertor. This neighborhood can also rival other cool and hip corners in Germany.

Trendy district of Bremen: Ostertor, the alternative cultural district

What are the first words that come to your mind when you think of Bremen?? Let me guess. You'll think of the Bremen Town Musicians, fishing, and a city to the north. So far also correct. But did you know that Bremen can do so much more?

Besides all the architectural peculiarities in the Schnoor quarter, at the market place of Bremen and in all the fine gases, Bremen has a very different surprising side. Because a tip is definitely the Ostertor neighborhood.

Not dreamy, not pompous, but very friendly and down-to-earth is this new town. This is the trendy Ostertor district, which borders directly on the city center and forms a kind of natural barrier between the city center and the residential areas. Here the borders seem to blur.

The locals pragmatically call it "Viertel" (neighborhood) and it's a guerrilla-like life here. The residents design their neighborhood the way they like it. Street art on every corner, beautifully planted sidewalks and cool corner bars. In the quarter steppt the bear or also the alternative scene of Bremen also in things culture.

Quarter guided tour through the streets

The neighborhood shows its best side, on an alternative city tour through Bremen's lively and cool corner. Despite drizzle – I have learned that this is simply called high humidity – I walk for 2 hours through the Kreuzberg of Bremen focusing on the Ostertorsteinweg, the main artery of the neighborhood.

The quarter is something like a melting pot and is culture and scene meeting place at the same time. In addition to chic restaurants, the district is home to historic nightclubs. And next to chic apartments, alternative artists live, who turn their house into an art object.

But make yourself a picture and let the impressions of the quarter sprinkle your mind. One thing I can tell you, the neighborhood in Bremen is wonderfully authentic and refreshing.

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Bremen neighborhood – getting a taste for it?

Hand on heart, did you expect these impressions of the rather dusty Bremen? No? Then you are as surprised as I am. My associations to Bremen were exactly the same as described in the first sentence.

Indeed, Bremen is a very young and above all experimental city. Here is tried out and simply tried. Bremen has a great craft beer scene, restaurants that cater to every palate and last but not least a lot of artists who discover the city for themselves.

So, venture outside the box and walk the few minutes from the city center to the neighborhood. Choose one of the more than 300 cafes and pubs and let yourself go in an authentic and down-to-earth Bremerhaven way.

Who knows, maybe you will turn night into day?

A trip from Bremen to Bremerhaven

If after all this exploring you still feel like visiting another city, I recommend a little trip to its little sister Bremerhaven. I have already reported about Bremerhaven here on my blog.