More tips on settling back in Germany

Bus tour to Ninety Mile Beach in New Zealand

Coming back from a long trip or a stay abroad is not without its difficulties. I've been through this several times and have already told you about my experiences here and given you tips on how to arrive. Today I want to give you another tip that can help make your return more enjoyable. Of course it is again a travel tip and the keyword is bus tours. But read first.

Settling in after a long trip or stay abroad

Maybe you feel the same way. You have come back from a long trip like work and travel or you have lived abroad for a long time and now you are trying to arrive back home. It is not always easy to settle back home and be happy there, when you have seen and experienced so much on your travels.

At home everything seems to be boring and dull. Especially also so terribly unspectacular. Just think of the enchanting New Zealand with its diverse landscape and untouched nature or the huge Australia with its exciting outback. Also backpacker countries in Southeast Asia like Thailand or countries in South America like Chile are exciting compared to Germany, Austria or Switzerland – you would think so at first glance.

But that is actually not the case at all. I've been looking pretty hard at destinations in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland lately, and it's made me want to travel more in these countries tremendously. Why? Because it is incredibly beautiful there. After all, I've already pointed out the beauty of Germany in a few posts here on the blog, and I've also given some specific tips across Germany, such as the university town of Tubingen.

Day trips by bus

But only since I came across the site www.coach24.When I became aware of this tour, I asked myself why I have never done a bus tour here in my area. I mean, when I was in New Zealand, for example, I booked day trips to see special destinations like Ninety Mile Beach in the Northland or Milford Sound in the south. And that's when I got the idea that day trips by bus are a great way to keep up the travel feeling back home and thus make it easier to settle in again.

For example, I live in southern Germany and could do day trips to Lake Constance or Switzerland and Austria for snowboarding. Now you might ask yourself: "Why don't you just go by car??"

Well, I don't have a car. And with the train it is sometimes inconvenient to get to certain places. Also, with a bus tour you get that backpacker feeling again, you meet people who also like to travel and live nearby. A great opportunity to make new friends. Especially if you have been away for a long time, like me, you might feel a bit lonely because you hardly have any friends left in your old home country. New acquaintances can be a breath of fresh air and help you settle in.

My tips for getting back to Germany

So my tips for re-living in Germany are: Travel as much as you can. Explore your region and the rest of Germany. Feel free to take a side trip to Austria and Switzerland as well, because it's close and beautiful. If you only have time on weekends because you're tied up at work, take trips. Bus tours, as you know them from your backpacking trips, are a great option.

Have you ever been abroad for a long time and had trouble settling back in?? How did you cope with the situation and what are your tips? For more ideas on how to get back to life also take a look at No Superheroes.