Insider tips for Tenerife

Vacation tips, insider tips and insider tips for unforgettable vacations on the Canary Island Tenerife there are many. But even if some insider tips for Tenerife are no longer really secret, the following suggestions guarantee unusual and varied vacation experiences in the most beautiful weeks of the year.

Snorkeling with turtles& Kayaking with dolphins

Breathtaking wildlife viewing has been one of the insider tips for a vacation on the Canary Island for many years. But before you can experience this highlight, some muscle power is required. You paddle in a kayak into a remote, deserted bay and swim with trusting turtles and other marine life. With a little luck you can also observe a graceful dolphin school (dolphin group). The animals swim in small groups, hunt together and raise their young together. The social group formation of whales and dolphins is unique in the animal kingdom.

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Sunset& Stargazing with dinner in Teide National Park


This unusual vacation tip is especially for all romantics. Look in the particularly clear air of the national park El Teide with the naked eye into the night sky and count the stars. But also hobby astronomers get their money's worth. Under expert guidance, the view through powerful telescopes gives a sensational view of the distant celestial bodies. Jupiter says hello. But that is not all. Afterwards you can look forward to a typical Canarian dinner under the magnificent starry sky.

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Playa de Benijo

Playa Benijo

The small bay with black volcanic sand on the north side of Tenerife is still a real insider tip. The beach is a paradise for surfers because of its strong surf and is therefore less suitable for bathing. For vacationers infected by the surfing virus, this beach is just the right destination. The only way to get to the beach is via a stairway. From the beach you have a unique view of the imposing Anaga Mountains. After an extensive surf trip you can satisfy your hunger in the restaurant El Mirador, at the entrance of the village in the small town of Benijo above the bay.

Volcanic pool in Garachico

The oldest town of the island, located in the north of Tenerife, is considered an exclusive travel tip among vacationers because of its natural sea swimming pools. Less experienced swimmers, who do not like strong surf or high waves, should take a cool swim in one of the natural pools.

The seawater swimming pool in Garachico is located in the middle of volcanic rocks. The wonderful turquoise water invites you to swim and relax. The entrance to the cool water leads down various stairs and bathing ladders.

Cultural capital La Laguna

La Laguna

Actually, the former capital of the island of Tenerife is called San Cristobal de La Laguna. In the historic university town, the visitor is offered a lot of culture. Not only the university, but especially the cathedral of La Laguna, as well as numerous other churches, are worth a visit in themselves. Further architectural sights are the stately houses from the 17. and 18. The volcano of the 19th century, the Teatro Leal and the Ermita San Miguel.


The surroundings of Candelaria are a very special vacation tip for all hiking enthusiasts. An extensive network of hiking trails offers countless tours and leaves hardly anything to be desired. The city itself also has a lot to offer.

Candelaria is one of the religious centers of the island. The magnificent basilica Nuestra Senora de la Candelaria houses the patron saint of the Canary Islands, the Virgen de Candelaria. Every year on the 15. August thousands of believers pilgrimage to the basilica to worship the Virgen. Other monuments worth seeing in Candelaria are the impressive bronze statues of the Guanche chiefs at the Plaza de la Patrona de Canarias.

Punta de Teno

Punta de Teno

The nature reserve Punta de Teno, which borders the city of Buenavista del Norte, is without a doubt one of the most beautiful sights on Tenerife. The breathtaking view from the northwestern tip of Tenerife over the roaring Atlantic Ocean, compensates for all the effort to get to this remote place. But there is one small annoyance. The lighthouse standing there is unfortunately not accessible for visitors. Below the lighthouse the visitor can also look far over the sea, up to La Gomera and La Palma.

Cueva del Viento

Cueva del Viento

If you are still looking for secret places on Tenerife, you can find them in the volcanic tube Cueva del Viento. The volcanic tube consists of a huge, net-like labyrinth of underground passages. Ca. 18 kilometers of the corridors have been mapped.

Probably the greater part of the area is still unexplored. The cave consists of three superimposed levels with numerous lava stalactites, lava falls and lava lakes. Mainly for lovers of caves, one of the many highlights of the island of Tenerife.

Hiking Anaga Mountains

Anaga Hike

The Ananga Mountains are a paradise for hikers. High mountains, dense laurel forests and steep coasts determine the picture. If you want to climb the imposing, up to 1000 meters high mountains, then take your time. To explore the Ananga Mountains properly, you should plan at least one day. But this can not deter a real hiker. Good comfortable shoes are recommended, because the hiking paths are often steep and stony. So I laced up my hiking boots and started walking.

Playa de las Teresitas

Playa de las Teresitas

The two kilometer long sandy beach with its many palm trees in front of the capital Santa Cruz is one of the most popular beaches of the island among the locals.

There are plenty of toilets, changing rooms and showers on the beach. Towards the Atlantic, an artificial reef has been built along the beach, which serves as a breakwater. In the calm water behind the reef also families with children can pursue their bathing pleasure without worries. On weekends, however, it gets crowded, because here also countless capital city dwellers enjoy the beach feeling. Holidaymakers looking for peace and quiet will therefore find pure beach pleasure better during the week.


Of all the insider tips for a Tenerife vacation, this is certainly one of the most exclusive: indulge the passion for diving. The fascinating underwater landscapes around the island, inspire for many years countless divers and aquanauts. Diving on Tenerife is possible all year round. Water temperatures range from a pleasant 17 degrees in winter to a warm 26 degrees in summer.

The diving depths are partly also suitable for beginners. The dive sites are all between 10 and 40 meters deep. On Tenerife diving enthusiasts will find two different underwater worlds. An Atlantic one with fantastic caves, grottos, canyons and volcanic fissures, as well as a variety of fishes. Among other things you can find swordfish and tuna, bream, mackerel, goatfish and grouper. In the clear water of the Atlantic Ocean you can see up to 30 meters away. And then there's the tropical underwater world with colorful coral reefs, sponges and large meadows of seagrass. The diving areas of Tenerife are characterized by their particularly large variety of species. Rays, moray eels, parrot fish, turtles, barracudas, angel sharks, octopuses, dolphins and pilot whales, to name just a few of the sea dwellers.

Sunken shipwrecks and mysterious underwater caves make the heart of every diver beat faster and forget the time around you. Particularly fascinating are the dives into the basalt cathedral on the coast of Santa Ursula. The up to 40 meters high lava towers under water leave lasting impressions, which one does not forget any more.

Other beautiful diving areas are:

  • The aquarium: diving depth 12 – 22 meters (diving license required)
  • El Condesito: Diving depth up to 16 meters (diving license required)
  • El Puertito: diving depth up to 14 meters (diving license is not required)

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