Gothenburg: Sights with style


Gothenburg is located in the southwest of Sweden on the coast. In this article I report on my stay and introduce you to places of interest. You can also find an interview that Maxi magazine did with me about Gothenburg here. Have fun and an inspiring read.

T he three dark, mirrored towers spiraling into the night sky of Gothenburg are reminiscent of the movie TRON LEGACY with their blue neon lighting. Futuristic and pretty cool looks the whole thing. The Gothia Towers are one of the most exciting sights of Gothenburg. Serving as a hotel, meeting location and exhibition center. The three towers have restaurants and even a theater. However, the theater does not see itself as a conventional theater, but rather as an experience place "on the level of Las Vegas". The people of Gothenburg lack self-confidence. Gothenburgers do not. Sweden is a design nation. This is often shown by little things. The desk lamp in the hotel room of Gothia Towers for example. It is stylized to a tower. Nice idea.

Gothia Towers

Grave& Go: The largest minibar in the world is in Gothenburg

This is also an interesting idea: the mini-bar is empty except for one display stand. It says: The world's biggest minibar. This means: The minibar is downstairs in the lobby and is not a minibar at all but a restaurant. You can shop around the clock at "Twentyfourseven. "Grab& Go" is what they call it here – and they're missing the little word "pay". "Grave& Pay& Go" would be more accurate, especially since the prices are not exactly cheap.

Sights in Gothenburg

Grandiose view of Liseberg

From my room I look at Disneyland. Only here Disneyland is not called Disneyland, but Liseberg. The 120.000 sqm amusement park is beautifully illuminated at night and has a lot to offer. For example the 24 meter high Ferris wheel. The Christmas market in Gothenburg is the largest in Sweden. Here, carousels spin, children skate and visitors stroll along Christmas-decorated stalls. There are also music and theater performances.

At night in the art museum (Konstmuseet)

"Sight" comes from "see". And it definitely makes sense. The Konstmuseet is as good as empty towards evening. Best to take the elevator to the top floor and then work your way down through the exhibition. The collection is remarkable. Picasso's "Straw Hat" hangs here, there are works by Matisse, Kandinsky, Rubens and Rembrandt. The highlight: Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe. The museum owns four pictures from the ten-picture series.

Also a highlight: Lars Nilsson's "The Age of Innocence". The makers dedicate a separate hall to the work. It is perfectly staged with light and shadow. And then there's one of those surprises that puts a smile on your face. Cajsa von Zeipel dances out of line with her installation "Seconds in Ecstasy" (2010). A scantily clad, oversized lady lolls around on a pole dance floor. The highlight: it actually moves and slowly turns in circles around the pole. Bravo!

Goeteborg Art

The Gothenburg Design Museum (Rohsska Museet)

The next sight: The Swedes have a lot of design, but only one museum for it. Rohsska Museet is the museum for design, fashion and decorative arts. Here are some pictures.

The Universeum invites you to discover

A stone's throw from the Gotha Towers is Universeum, an adventure museum for children. The whole thing is well done and covers many topics – from the deep sea, to the jungle, to outer space. In front of the museum is a sight of a different kind: a gigantic dinosaur. Its purpose is to draw attention to a focal theme. Inside, a robot greets me with a heart on its chest – or rather on its display.

Universeum Goeteborg

The World Culture Museum (Varldskulturmuseet)

Evocative, provocative, surprising. This is how the world cultural museum wants to be. The exhibitions change and are indeed very interesting and varied.

For example, there is a photo exhibition by Sebastian Salgado about workers all over the world – and their sometimes inhumane working conditions.

Good to know.

Which hotel in Gothenburg is recommendable?? I recommend the Gothia Towers. They are great.

How to get from Landvetter Airport to Gothenburg? At Landvetter airport you can take the bus to Gothenburg, which leaves every 20 minutes. You can buy the ticket online beforehand here.

Interview with Maxi magazine about Gothenburg

Maxi asked me some questions about Gothenburg. Because the magazine has only limited space, not all questions and answers were printed. No problem, there is room on my blog! So here are all the questions and answers.

Maxi: Where to eat well and cheaply?Philipp: The restaurant Solrosen in the district Haga offers delicious food at fair prices. On the "Dagens Meny", the daily menu, there are usually five dishes, at least one of which is vegan and gluten-free. The Solrosen (in German "Sonnenblume") is not a feast for the eyes, but rather a rustic pub, but the food is all the better for that. Address: Kaponjargatan 4 A.

Maxi: Where is it worth going to party??
Philipp: If you want to immerse yourself in Gothenburg's nightlife, Pustervik is the place to go. The Pustervik is a mixture of cozy living room, alternative bar and small concert hall. Changing live bands heat up the audience. Eat, drink, party? Then on to Pustervik. Address: Jarntorgsgatan 12. If you want to be more stylish and hip, go dancing at Park Lane Club. Address: Kungsportsavenyn 36 to 38. Chic clubs like the Park Lane can be found on the Avenyn (one of the central squares of the city). The trendy hangouts are located around Jarntorget ("The Iron Square").

Maxi: Where can you find unusual stores (individual products etc)?.)?
Philipp: Swedish design has a good reputation – and thanks to Designtorget also a beautiful home. Designtorget is not a conventional store, but rather an innovative marketplace where young, up-and-coming designers can showcase their product ideas. From headphones to jewelry to furniture. Designtorget has two locations in Gothenburg: Queen Square 5 and Vallgatan 14.
The best place to go shopping is Haga, Gothenburg's oldest district. The cityscape is characterized by small boutiques in colorful wooden houses and charming cafes. Here you can find shoes, fashion, books, design items, second hand, jewelry and gifts.

Gothenburg Design Museum (Rohsska Museet)

What to do in Gothenburg on Sundays?

Maxi: What to do on Sundays – for little money/for free?
Philipp: Free is for example a nice walk through the city park Slottsskogen. A boat trip out into the North Sea to the island of Vinga, about 25 km from Gothenburg, is very impressive. Here you can visit the lighthouse and admire the rugged coastal landscape. With 480 kroner (about 50 euros) this pleasure is not exactly cheap, but it is worth it.
If Vinga is too far away or too expensive for you, you can simply sail through Gothenburg's canals and take a look at the city from the water. A guide tells interesting facts about the harbor, the shipyards, the residential buildings and the fish hall Feskekorka, which looks like a church. In less than an hour you can get a good impression of the place. Ticket: 175 crowns (about 18 euros).

Maxi: What is the best souvenir for under 20 euros?
Philipp: Most of the souvenirs are rather general for Sweden and not specific for Gothenburg (moose, Swedish T-shirts, boats, carved wooden horses). In this respect, the best souvenir of Gothenburg is perhaps the good old postcard.

Maxi: Which hotel is good, cheap and novel?
Philipp: I was last in the Gothia Towers. Three towers shining spectacularly and futuristically in blue neon light at night. The view of the city is super, especially from the bar "Heaven 23" on the top floor. Cheaper – but still nice – is the Radisson Blu Riverside Hotel, a modern business hotel. The view from the roof terrace is phenomenal. Disadvantage: If you want to go to the city center, you have to use a ferry (free on weekdays) or take a bus. Still too expensive? Then maybe Airbnb has what you need.

Where is the best place to relax in Gothenburg?

Maxi: Where is the best place to relax?
Philipp: If you want to relax, take a stroll through Slottsskogen, Gothenburg's 137-hectare city park. Here are not only many green spaces, but also a miniature golf course and an animal park with moose. Address: Slottskogspromenaden 414.

Maxi: What is a must to see/do??
Philipp: Besides the classic sights like the Feskekorka, the Haga quarter, the Avenyn, the amusement park Liseberg or the harbor, I also recommend the Stora Saluhallen, the market halls. It's just fun to stroll among the fresh food stalls and get to know the Swedish specialties. Not only can you work up an appetite, but you can also have a good, inexpensive lunch at the same time. Address: Kungstorget 15 to 18.

Maxi: Where can you have a good and cheap breakfast??
Philipp: The Cafe Husaren in the district Haga is cult. This is mainly due to the plate-sized cinnamon buns (hagabulle). But even better than the cinnamon buns is the coffee. The Cafe Husaren is open daily from 8 a.m. Address: Haga Nygata 28.

What to do in Gothenburg when it rains?

Maxi: What to do when it rains?
Philipp: The art museum (Konstmuseet) is a real highlight. I visited it in the evening and was almost alone with the works of Picasso, Kandinsky and Warhol (Marilyn Monroe series). Besides big names there are also a lot of surprising works by Scandinavian artists. For example, the installation "Seconds in Ecstasy" by Cajsa von Zeipel: A giant pool dance dancer spins upside down around a pole in a circle. Supercool. In short: Rain is not so bad. Tip: Take the elevator to the top floor and then walk down.

Maxi: What is your absolute insider tip??
Philipp: Pssst! Wonderfully picturesque and idyllic is the island Branno, about 16 km away from Gothenburg. Swedish flags flutter on small red wooden houses, seagulls circle in the light blue sky and the only inhabitants seem to be sheep. From here you can hike to the neighboring island of Galto, which is a nature reserve and even more beautiful.

Maxi: What can you experience in relation to Christmas? (markets, shopping, etc).?)
Philipp: Christmas time is Liseberg time. Liseberg is the biggest amusement park in Sweden. At the end of the year, the park is festively decorated with countless lights and spreads an atmospheric mood with its Christmas market. The smell of roasted almonds and hot glogg (Scandinavian mulled wine) is in the air and makes not only children's eyes light up.

Maxi: A concise sentence that describes the city?
Philipp: If you are looking for Swedish design, delicious Scandinavian specialties, contemporary art and a cosmopolitan, inspiring harbor atmosphere, you should drop anchor in Gothenburg.