Food in the Wachau – 11 delicious tips for your visit to the beautiful region

The Wachau region in Lower Austria is not only known for an excellent wine culture, but also for extraordinary dishes and specialties. Besides the classic pub food you will also find many culinary surprises here.

In this article, you'll find 11 delicious tips for a perfect culinary trip to the beautiful Wachau region of Austria. Here you can find more tips for the Wachau:

Food in the Wachau – 11 delicious tips for your visit to the beautiful region

1. Winery Holzapfel – delicacies from the Guthaus kitchen

Food in the Wachau Winery Holzapfel

The one in Weibenkirchen an der Donau is located in the heart of the Wachau region. Weibenkirchen is a very famous growing area for the Wachau wines. It's no wonder that the Holzapfel winery here has a first-class reputation for its own wines and also for its estate cuisine.

Holzapfel Winery is headquartered in a former Reading Farm, a farm built 700 years ago by the St. Polten Canons. The wine grows here in Weibenkirchenon stony, mineral-rich, but also chalky, slate-interspersed soils thrive grapes of excellent quality.

A particularly aesthetic and tasty delicacy is served in the Gutshaus kitchen: An etagere with delicious small dishes from the region. Here you can look forward to home-smoked ham, home-baked bread, homemade spreads, apricot mustard and many other little treats.

2. Konditorei Hamann – original Wachaue confectionery tradition

Food in the Wachau Konditorei Hagmann

The confectionery in Krems was founded in 1836 and is the epitome of Lower Austrian and – especially – Wachau confectionery tradition. The confectionery describes itself as a preserver of old recipes and traditions, as well as a modern specialties manufactory. The perfect mixture!

Culinary here is something for everyone because from classic confectionery dishes, slices and cakes to chocolates, chocolates, gingerbread and coffee and ice cream specialties.

When the apricots are ripe in the Wachau, the whole town turns into an apricot stronghold. So is the Cafe-Konditorei Hagmann. Especially delicious are the apricot dumplings made with homemade ice cream, which is prepared exclusively with organic milk and primarily with regional ingredients.

3. Gasthaus Jell – tradition meets modernity

Food in the Wachau Gasthaus jell

In the oldest part of the city is the High Market and there is also the , in which since the 16. Century hospitality and inn culture is at the top of the list. The inn is rustic, cozy and above all very warmly decorated. The fragrant Zirbenstube has already over 100 years on the hump and is happy about guests.

The Jell family has been serving food here for more than 5 generations, and they have managed a perfect balancing act between the classic inn dishes, which are hardly ever served anymore, and modern and fresh dishes with a regional touch.

It is especially nice in the guest garden, which is a small "Urban Jungle" in the city of Krems. The food here is always changing, because the menu is always adapted to the season.

4. Heuriger Graf – the most authentic food in the Wachau region

Food in the Wachau heuriger Graf

"Heuriger" refers both to the young wine before the completion of the first year of life or until it is replaced by a new vintage (= "heuriger wine") and the location itself, the "Buschenschank".

Rural Heurigenlokale may sell only self-produced drinks and cold dishes. A prime example of a good wine tavern with an impressive view is the one in Mauternbach.

Various fresh cold cuts, cheese spreads and, of course, fresh bread and rolls are put on the plate here. In addition, of course, the delicious young wine from the top site in the Wachau. Tip: Come at sunset, then the landscape is transformed into a play of colors.

5. Hofmeisterei Hirtzberger – A picnic in the vineyards

Food in the Wachau hofmeisterei hirtzberger

The two owners of the have renovated the historic building from the owner family Hirtzberger, which vinifies their world-famous wines here in the Wachau for 5 generations and is deeply rooted in the region, with attention to detail and opened a first-class restaurant.

The wine list hits the connoisseur directly in the heart, because over 2000 wines summarizes the portfolio. Of course you can find many wines from the Wachau on the menu, but also all kinds of classics from all over the world.

If you prefer to eat in the fresh air, but do not want to miss out on first-class cuisine, you can pick up a picnic basket for a 3 Hauben picnic in the restaurant. Includes fresh sourdough bread, Brie with bell pepper jam, gazpacho, chanterelle tartar, homemade chocolates, delicious spreads, cheese and sausage. Delicious!

6. Nikolaihof – the oldest winery in Austria

Food in the Wachau nikolaihof

The wine cellar in Mautern has a history that goes back some two thousand years. It was once a Celtic cult site, part of a Roman fort, as well as a bishop's and administrative seat. With its almost 2,000 years of history.000-year history, the farm is the oldest winery in Austria and internationally one of the first wineries that have begun to operate according to biodynamic guidelines.

But what exactly does that mean? The principle is quickly explained. On the winery, as much power and energy as possible is put into the wine by tampering with nature as little as possible. Simple, or?

This biodynamic way of thinking is also reflected in the cuisine. Demeter quality is used for all ingredients and much of it comes from the estate's own cultivation. The dishes in the restaurant are refined with flowers, as well as spices and medicinal herbs. This not only looks great, but also tastes great.

7. Gasthof Prankl – Down-to-earth cuisine on the Danube

Food in the Wachau Gasthof Pranke

The is a family business in the heart of the Wachau in Spitz is a family-run business with a deep-rooted tradition. The restaurant has been awarded two toques in Gault Millau, two Golden Forks in Falstaff and one star in A la Carte.

Mainly local ingredients are used, most of them in organic quality. In season, fruit, vegetables and herbs come from our own cultivation, the mushrooms are collected by host Martin Prankl at his secret places, and if there is still time, the chef himself fishes one or the other Danube fish.

The menu captivates with classics that make your mouth water. The outdoor area offers a view of the Danube and brings idyllic atmosphere. Perfect for a rest!

8. Stift Gottweig – apricot pudding with a view

Eating in the Wachau Gottweig Abbey

When apricot meets a delicious Schmarrn, then you have arrived at the. The Gottweiger Marillenbreznschmarrn (apricot pretzel pancake) is a true original and can only be found here at the monastery.

The view from the restaurant and the scenery is sensational and a short walk in the pen is a must. On the menu you will find classics and seasonal highlights from the surrounding forests and fields. Pleasure and a monastic culture is perfectly combined here.

9. Domane Wachau – wine tasting and cellar tour

Food in the Wachau domain wachau

The is a winegrowers association. It is the only winery in the Wachau to have vineyards in every renowned vineyard. The wines perfectly express the character of such famous vineyards as Loibenberg, Achleiten, 1000-Eimer-Berg, Singerriedel or Kellerberg in their individuality.

The baroque cellar vaults under the Durnsteiner Kellerschlossel can be visited. Visitors learn here what makes the Wachau so exceptional as a wine-growing region. Of course, a subsequent tasting may not be missing and the participants come to the special features of Steinfeder, Federspiel and Smaragd and the Wachau grape varieties on the track.

10. Gartnerei Hick – the tastiest chilies from the Wachau region

Food in the Wachau hick nursery

On the trail of the Wachau chili I go in the . In fact, the chili found its way to the Wachau early on via the trade routes of the Danube. A good harvest is favored by the climatic conditions.

The Danube flow prevents large heat accumulations, as its water masses have a temperature balancing effect. The cool, late evening fall winds from the north increase the temperature fluctuations between day and night, which promote the formation of aromas in the pods. An effect that also makes the Wachau wine and the Wachau apricot incomparable.

Since 2006, chilies have been planted, dried and then processed into aromatic powder at the Hick nursery. 6 different kinds of the powder are sold here as mixtures. From lightly spicy to fiery with up to 1.500.000 Scoville.

11. Veltsam – unique handmade Veltliner Balsamico

Food in the Wachau strange Balsamico

Delicious balsamic vinegar is not only available in Italy, but also in the beautiful Wachau region. Because here the first and only is made by hand and with much love. The grapes are regional and long transport routes are in vain here.

All the ingredients in the balsamico (and these are exclusively grapes) come exclusively from Lower Austria. Since 2020, Veltsam has been awarded the AMA Genussregion seal of quality, which recognizes culinary delights of regional origin.