Finding the best motorhome for 2 people

Who does not know? You are looking for inspiration for your next vacation and you are thinking about what you want to do. And there it is – the idea of a comfortable camper vacation across Europe. Finally explore the cities you wanted to visit years ago. But which motorhome is suitable for my trip?

No worries! Here are helpful tips and tricks on how to choose the ideal motorhome for your next road trip. Because for a perfect camping trip are some digne to consider. Find the right motorhome for 2 people or for 3 people.

How to find the right motorhome for two people?

In the motorhome world there are many different motorhome models and different sizes that are particularly, or rather not suitable for the different occasions of the vacation. So it's not surprising that some find it difficult to choose the right motorhome for them.

First of all, you should be aware of where you want to go and how you want to spend your time. For example, make a small list in which you noted the things that you do not want to miss on their vacation in any case. Be it space in the living area, equipment for various adventures or absolute luxury.

What models are actually available?

The best thing to do first is to give you an overview of all the different models and camper sizes. Here's how you might be able to tell which motorhome model is right for you right from the start.

The small camper

Let's start with one of the smallest models in the motorhome world. A camping bus is one of the smallest vehicles, and also with us the smallest category, but that does not mean that you can not also enjoy full comfort there. The most famous camper is probably the VW California. The model has evolved over the years and now offers camping fans a breathtaking experience. The Volkswagen model is a motorhome that offers space for 4 people. Now you're probably wondering how in this camper 4 people should fit, right?

VW Campingbus motorhome for 2 persons

We explain: The camper is specially designed to make a good figure even on city trips or everyday life. But the compact exterior size does not exclude the space inside. So in the VW California is a cozy bed in the rear and another bed in the practical pop-up roof. Our Escape, for example, is ideally equipped for a trip with 2 to 3 people. You will find in the camper not only the described beds, but also a small mini-kitchen. A gas stove and an insulated box are ideal for your daily meals and food you need and have to store on the trip.

When traveling with a camper, however, you should be clear in advance that despite the advantages it is still a compact camper. These models are recommended for adventurous campers who spend most of their time in the great outdoors.

The compact van

The next, and very popular model when traveling with 2 to 3 people, is the panel van. And this is not about the van as you know it from delivery services. It is about a fully equipped motorhome. The camper is suitable for 2 persons, for 3 persons, but also for 4 persons. It is therefore a real all-rounder. Similar to the camper van, the panel van convinces with compact exterior dimensions. With the camper it is thus no problem to master curvy coastal roads or also small lanes in the city centers of the large metropolises. Nevertheless, you already have more space in a campervan than in a camping bus. With us you will find our panel vans under the Journey category.

In the case of box vans, a distinction is made between different model variants. For a trip for two, for example, a van with a transverse bed is recommended. Our Journey offers enough space for two in the rear bed. For taller people we recommend a van with a longitudinal bed. In the Journey Plus, there is also a bed in the rear, but it is installed longitudinally and thus has more legroom.

For a trip with 3 or 4 people are particularly well suited box vans with pop-up roof. At Roadfans you will find such a campervan under the category Journey 4. As the name suggests, the camper offers space for up to 4 people. In the rear of the motorhome is a transverse bed, in which 2 people can find restful sleep. Another 2 persons find a comfortable place in the pop-up roof. Under a pop-up roof you can imagine the following: This is a stable, built-in tent in the roof of the motorhome. With only a few handles this can be opened and prepares you wonderful evenings. Just imagine how you can fall asleep on the beach in the moonlight while listening to the waves!

All Roadfans box vans are fully equipped. This means that in each campervan you will find a bathroom with shower, sink and toilet, as well as a kitchen with gas stove, sink and refrigerator incl. Freezer compartment.

The comfortable partially integrated motorhome

You have certainly read about semi-integrated motorhomes in the time you have been looking into camping. But what is it exactly?

A partially integrated motorhome can be recognized by the fact that the driver's cab is still in its original condition. This means that the entire superstructure, i.e. the living area behind the driver's cab, has been put on it. The cockpit of the base vehicle was thus only partially integrated into the camper.

Similar to the campervan, there are also here different model variants. For example, there is a partially integrated motorhome for 2 people but also a motorhome for 4 people.

How to do this, we explain now. Partially integrated motorhomes are available both with a large rear bed, but also with an additional lift bed. So here you distinguish whether the vehicle has a folding bed or not.

Motorhome for 2 persons

Our semi-integrated motorhome for 2 people is the Freedom. This camper offers even more space and comfort than a van and convinces with the size in the living area. The motorhome has a full kitchen with gas stove, sink and refrigerator and a bathroom with toilet, shower and sink. The bed in the rear of the camper can be united by a connecting piece to a large sunbathing area. Here you will certainly find enough sleep for a trip for two.

Our other category, the Freedom 4, is a semi-integrated motorhome with a lift bed. So you will not only find the comfortable big bed like in the Freedom, but also a big bed above the seating area. You read correctly, the lift bed is a functional bed that can be lowered whenever you need it.

Unlike the pop-up roof, the bed is not folded up over the roof, but is lowered from the ceiling of the vehicle. So during the day you can use the space to make yourself comfortable in the camper and in the evening you pull down the bed to find restful sleep. The semi-integrated motorhome with lift bed can accommodate up to 4 people. A trip with 3 people is no problem here!

The luxurious fully integrated motorhomes

Fully integrated motorhomes are not only the absolute flagships of the motorhomes, but also on every campsite the eye-catcher par excellence. But what are fully integrated motorhomes and what is the difference to partially integrated motorhomes??

As described above, partially integrated campers are characterized by the fact that the cab of the base vehicle is still part of the camper. In fully integrated motorhomes, on the other hand, the driver's cabin was fully integrated into the motorhome. By this construction method it does not only produce in the interior a quite clearer view, but offers also more place in the living area. The cockpit in the fully integrated camper has been completely redesigned.

At Roadfans you will find a fully integrated campervan under the category Independence. Just the appearance of the large camper impresses. Inside the motorhome you will find a large kitchen with gas stove, refrigerator and sink. Relax at the comfortable seating area and watch the starry sky. The bathroom in the fully integrated motorhome is the highlight: it has a separate shower. So you can use the shower and toilet at the same time when you travel with three people.

The large fully integrated campers offer enough space and above all absolute comfort. If you don't want to sacrifice space when traveling as a couple, you are welcome to travel with a fully integrated motorhome. In our Independence there is room for up to four people. So even a trip for three is quite comfortable in this camper.

What do I have to pay attention to when I decide to buy a motorhome??

My trip

Before you decide on a motorhome, you need to consider how your trip will look like. This means you should think about the following things:

  • Travel duration: How long will I be on the road?
  • Travel time: Will I travel in summer or in winter?
  • Itinerary: How will my route look like? What are the road conditions?

The comfort

When traveling with a camper, you should also consider the level of comfort you desire. The comfort plays hand in hand with the considerations of the trip. If you have for example a travel duration of 3 weeks, you should also think about the necessary comfort. In a motorhome with 3 persons it can be a bit cramped if the weather does not cooperate. So think carefully how big the motorhome should be and what advantages you do not want to give up. This includes, for example, a bathroom with a separately installed shower for simultaneous use of the toilet and shower. Or a separable bedroom in the rear.

The equipment

And so we come to the next important point: the equipment. You should be clear before your trip what you want to experience for a camping vacation. Would you like to drive through the wild nature, stop at places you like, without having to rely on campsites or pitches? Then a kitchen and a bathroom should not be missing in your campervan.

You are on the road all day and use the camper mainly as a place to sleep? Then you can consider whether a camper van without bathroom, but with gas stove and insulated box is sufficient for you.

Baby on board?

Last but not least, when traveling with a baby, you should of course think twice about which motorhome you choose. With a baby or toddler on board, you always have more luggage, you have to stow more and you need accordingly also more storage space. A small motorhome is therefore out of the question for you. It is recommended here rather everything from semi-integrated motorhome and upwards.


For the perfect trip with the motorhome is therefore a good planning in advance an essential component. Take a piece of paper and a pen and write down what you don't want to miss on your vacation. Write down how you imagine the trip and you will get a clearer picture of the motorhome which is suitable for a trip with 2 to 3 people.

Motorhome models in table

Roadfans recommendation for a trip with 2 to 3 persons

For a trip with your partner, your children or your best friends the choice of the ideal motorhome is very important. Don't make the decision lightly and think carefully about what you ultimately need on a trip.

We at Roadfans have already served many clients and have had a lot of conversations with our clients. We are also all enthusiastic campers ourselves and would like to make a recommendation to you.

Are you looking for the best motorhome for 2 people or for a trip for three?. As already described above, it always depends on the personal wishes. What we can say from experience, however, is that it is always an advantage to have enough space in the van. The weather can change at any time and then you need to use the time in the camper ideal. The more space they have available, the more relaxed the time can be.

But the most important thing is still one thing: Have a wonderful time with your loved ones and enjoy the many new and breathtaking impressions!

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