Enjoying Westphalia: 2 travel tips for beautiful Westphalia in NRW

I am on the road in Munsterland and Westphalia. Just a stone's throw from my home, a new and extraordinary culinary world opens up to me. Between lush fields, quaint small towns and a lot of fresh country air, I discover the culinary side of Westphalia.

The first part of my journey is not only characterized by typical regional cuisine, but is also highly spirited and adventurously rounded out. You can find all my highlights of my trip to Westphalia here:

You can find even more tips for beautiful castles, enchanted monasteries and local and regional delicacies here:

If you're traveling in Munster and looking for green corners in the city, here are some for you.

Westphalian enjoyment: 2 travel tips for the beautiful Westphalia in NRW

Between half-timbered houses, beehives and tractors

Dishes that stay in your head. Coupled with a good portion of courage and an insatiable penchant for discovery. One could think such a pairing would only be found in the metropolises of this world. In fact, I am standing in the Westphalian hinterland between half-timbered houses and a neat herb garden.

Museumshof Senne Bielefeld

The Museumshof Senne is the location for adventurous dishes, where mainly herbs and wild plants set the tone. All of this is garnished with fresh seasonal vegetables, most of which also come from the restaurant's own farm gardens. We dine in the historic Gasthaus Buschkamp. The dishes served are from the pen of Silvio Eberlein.

Museum yard Senne Bielefeld

Bread like in grandma's times from the bakehouse

Bread is also baked here on the museum farm according to a very old tradition. Baking is not a quick affair here and is a real celebration. It can take half a day for the 150-year-old oven to reach operating temperature.

Museumshof Senne Bielefeld

The magic word here is natural sourdough. Yeast? Missing. The bread dough rests for up to 16 hours. For comparison: When using yeast conventional dough usually takes less than an hour to reach the right consistency. The oven is 280 degrees hot when the bread bakes in it. A seductive fragrance rises and the comforting smell tickles the nose. Silvio Eberlein's bread cannot compete with industrial baked goods.

Museumshof Senne Bielefeld

Delicious food from the kitchen of the Gasthaus Buschkamp

Where does one actually dare to let a small hearty greeting from the kitchen appear in the guise of a bee sting?? Naturally at the Gasthaus Buschkamp. The bee sting of organic goose liver with crystallized honey is a poem and introduces the coming dishes perfectly.

On the menu are:

Salmon trout pickled with fir shoots,

Oyster plant with poached country egg

Buschkamp Inn Bielefeld

Fillet and cheeks of pasture-raised beef,

Olive herb and celery puree

Buschkamp Inn Bielefeld

Chocolate cream with violet marshmallow and blueberries

Buschkamp Inn Bielefeld

I can expect a creative and above all very herb-heavy cuisine, which captivates with its particular penchant for regional specialties. While each dish shines with classic components, it also has something for the conscience.

Olive herb takes beef to a new level with its fresh, slightly resinous and olive-like flavor. The extraordinary taste of the oyster plant, which actually tastes of the sea, is a perfect match for the salmon trout.

Namelaka is Japanese for "ultra creamy" and was developed at Valhrona School. Valhrona is a manufacturer of high quality chocolate. This technique of preparation takes the classic chocolate mousse to a level that is second to none. I think I am in love!

Cupcakes with a difference: Westphalian style

They also cook, or rather bake, with my (new) favorite herb, tansy. Okay, okay, maybe I'll go into raptures for a moment. I hope I'm forgiven, because tansy really tastes fantastic. With a small amount of tansy the cupcakes become a real poem. Actually, the herb is bitter, but the dose makes the poison here. Used discreetly, the cupcake is irresistible.

The cupcakes with spiced tagetes and pumpernickel are also unusual and typically Westphalian. After all, the pumpernickel and the beetroot used have deep Westphalian roots.

Buschkamp Inn Bielefeld

Gasthaus Buschkamp: Come on in

Hidden among old half-timbered houses, fruit trees and beehives is the Buschkamp inn, which dates back to 1811. The restaurateur and chef Silvio Eberlein creates here his unique and distinctive cuisine with a regional touch.


Buschkampstrabe 75, 33659 Bielefeld, Germany
Phone: 0521 492800

More info here:

Hof Schulze Rotering – Tractors& High-percentage

Childhood dreams are meant to be lived, aren't they? I didn't grow up in the countryside, so tractors have always fascinated me. Almost all means of transport that I know so, I have already driven. pretty much all except tractors.

Hof Schulze Rotering Ahlen

Now it should be on the farm Schulze Rotering so far to live this small but fine dream. Here tractor tours through the picturesque Munsterland scenery are offered. The best thing about it? I do not have to be chauffeured but .drive independently. Self is the woman

Some restored treasures are waiting for me and I choose a sleek green racer. Ahead of me lies an exciting ride, where I may even really step on the gas. This is completely after my taste.

Hof Schulze Rotering Ahlen

High-percentage delicacies and special drops

Attached to the farm is a distillery. Here the boilers hardly stand still, because since 1767 is distilled here on the farm. A specially developed process ensures a mild and unique aroma. During a guided tour through the small distillery, I learn a lot about schnapps and brandies that I didn't know yet.

Hof Schulze Rotering Ahlen

The copper kettles, the true creators of the unique brandies, are enthroned in the center of attention. The special thing here is the 19 meter high copper distillation tower. This is equipped with 60 cleaning floors. This construction is unique in Germany and contributes to the fact that the brandy is particularly mild.

In the run-up I have already tasted some brandies from the house Schulze Rotering and my favorite was the orange spirit. A spirit distilled from organic Mallorcan oranges, which brings with it a particularly fine orange aroma. Purists enjoy the spirit best without Schnick Schnack, but also mixed with tonic water it tastes wonderfully refreshing. Here comes real vacation feeling on.

Hof Schulze Rotering Ahlen

In the distillery the art of distilling is celebrated and passed on with enthusiasm to laymen as well. The products used are local or just selected under special aspects. Who is not familiar with the matter of distilling, which is advised here in the best way.

There are differences between liqueurs, spirits and the various brandies of which I was not yet aware. Maturation in a wide variety of barrels (including sherry and bourbon) is also one of the distillery's finesses.

It is not for nothing that the distillery Schulze Rotering has been awarded several high quality spirits awards in the world.

Hof Schulze Rotering Ahlen

Hof Schulze Rotering: Get there

Situated in the wonderful and green Munsterland is the Hof Schulze Rotering. Here, nestled among fields, it's wonderful to hang out with a cup of coffee or a glass of something high-proof. The farm's own store sells Munsterland delicacies and also its own brandies. Next door at the country inn serves regional and seasonal cuisine. The highlight: A ride with the historical tractors.