Duderstadt: The gateway to the Tuscany of the North

Duderstadt Germany

Where is the half-timbered town of Duderstadt in the Eichsfeld area?

…and this curiosity should be rewarded!

Duderstadt is a fairy-tale pretty half-timbered town, with about 20.000 inhabitants, in the southeast of Lower Saxony, in the southern Harz foothills and only a few kilometers from Göttigen. The region here is called "Eichsfeld".

In summary, I had to determine in any case, that one or the other, rather not quite sure where> the Eichsfeld .

Why I ask this question, or rather. local fact, absolutely once again, a little more detailed, would like to explain.

The Eichsfeld region stretches from southeastern Lower Saxony, through northwestern Thuringia, into northeastern Hesse. Along and through the middle of this area used to be the border between the FRG and GDR.

Besides Duderstadt (Lower Saxony), the Eichsfeld also includes Heiligenstadt (Thuringia), Dingelstädt (Thuringia), Leinfelde-Worbis (Thuringia) and Gieboldehausen (Lower Saxony).

Further, the region is also called the "Golden Mark.

In addition, Duderstadt and the surrounding area, even still belong to the southern Harz foreland.

Personally, I like to compare the landscape around Duderstadt with Tuscany.

Tuscany of the North

Duderstadt Eichsfeld: great half-timbered houses, medieval history& much pleasure

The townscape of Duderstadt Eichsfeld could not be more historically enchanting. It enchants with about 600 half-timbered houses, from very different eras.

A part of the city wall, including the Westerturm with the twisted spire, is still preserved, and in the city center the two churches St. Servatius and St. Cyriakus. At the St. Cyriakus it is even one, of the total of four basilicas, in Lower Saxony.

Also worth mentioning is the beautiful, historic town hall, in the heart of Duderstadt. It is considered one of the oldest and certainly most beautiful town halls you will find in Germany.

Behind the thick city walls, the city is surrounded by numerous green strips, small gardens, parks and not to forget a landscape that resembles Tuscany.

Life in Duderstadt runs comfortably. The market place, the impressive half-timbered backdrop and also the small restaurants and cafes invite to enjoyable moments.

Duderstadt in the Eichsfeld Duderstadt Old Town Duderstadt Sightseeings

Walking tour through the Duderstadt old town

The walk through the Duderstadt city center, past the more than 600 half-timbered houses, must of course not be missed in order to discover the city properly.

For example, if you want to go on your own, you should simply follow the signs, for the city walk.

My recommendation, not only for bad weather, a visit to the various, very eventful, museums: Westturm-Ensemble, Heimatmuseum and the exhibitions in the town hall.

In addition, there are also different, interesannte tours and theme walks. They are conducted by guides, some of them in historical costumes.

For example, the night watchman tour, with Duderstadt night watchman Jakob Kannengießer. Alternatively, the very entertaining adventure tour "On an hour with the executioner", with the historical figure Hans Zinke.

Alternatively, you would prefer to experience a little city history and also see and experience more of the surrounding area?

Then I recommend you without further ado the Duderstädter Warten walk. It goes up to the Sulbergwarte, with Knickmeister Borchard Borchardes.

Duderstadt sights Duderstadt vacation

Duderstadt Sights

History you can sniff in Duderstadt behind every corner. If only because there is really more than one sight to discover.

Starting with the historic town hall from 1302, which was originally used as a department store. The town hall is certainly one of the most beautiful half-timbered town halls in Germany.

From 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., always at the odd hour, the glockenspiel sounds from the west tower of the town hall and the "Anreischke" – the symbolic figure of Duderstadt dressed in the town colors of blue and yellow – appears. Actually, the Anreischke was the master builder Andreas, who built the rampart around the town around 1530.

In front of the town hall the Mariensäule rises up. It was built in 1711, in gratitude for having survived the plague. Right next to it is the Schutzenbrunnen fountain.

In addition, the two churches, in the center of the city, are particularly worth seeing. As does the Duderstadt Ursuline Convent, where even a time-out can be booked.

Always Saturday from 14 o'clock to 14.15 o'clock sounds, from the church bells in Duderstadt, the great city bells. It "rings in" the Sunday.

The remains of the restored city wall from the 13th century. Century, with rampart, ramparts and gardens from the national horticultural show and citizen gardens, form a green belt, which idyllically surrounds the city.

Duderstadt city map for download:

By the way: In the past 700 years, the historic Duderstadt layout has hardly been changed at all.

Duderstadt old town

Vacation in Duderstadt and around..

Duderstadt vacation is really eventful! Finally, there is a lot to experience and discover in the city, but also around the city.

Whether in hiking boots, by bike, e-bike or even by car.

The Eichsfeld offers an incredibly beautiful natural landscape, pretty half-timbered villages and also cultural highlights.

Duderstadt in the Eichsfeld

Excursion destinations Eichsfeld: Off into nature

As a wellbeing fan, I am actually more drawn to nature in hiking boots and on my bike.

In the following, the top destinations, around Duderstadt, are called..

  • Hiking on the Green Belt (former border strip between FRG and GDR)
  • Seeburger See: Hiking, boating or chilling on the shore.
  • Enchanted Rhume Spring: After all, it is one of the largest karst springs in Europe.
  • Trip to the idyllic lake Teistungen by bike e.g. for a picnic.
  • Hiking on the Heinz Sielmann Höhenweg with views to the Sonnenstein, Ohmgebirge and Harz mountains.
  • Trip to the Sonnenstein with Skywalk.
  • Hiking at the Pferdeberg.

…to list only a few.

Sunstone Skywalk Rhume spring Heinz Sielmann hut in the green belt Seeburg lake Eichsfeld

Eichsfeld sights: On cultural trails

The region also offers a lot of cultural excursions for the whole family. Parks, museums and exhibitions offer worthwhile destinations, not only for bad weather days.

Of course, I have also made myself smart on this subject and tried einge relaxed destinations around Duderstadt:

  • Memorial and Remembrance Site Borderland Museum Eichsfeld with Borderland Trail.
  • European bread museum in Ebergötzen to the 6000 year old cultural history of bread.
  • Wilhelm Busch Mill in Ebergötzen in the footsteps of Max& Moritz. Don't miss the small mill garden, opposite the mill.
  • Nature experience center Gut Herbigshagen with Heinz Sielmann Foundation, KIKA tree house, school farm, fallow deer house, wild animal exhibition, experience stable u.v.m. Especially with children a real dream excursion destination!
  • Alternative bear park Worbis.
  • Gieboldehausen Castle, Bodenstein Castle, Gerode Monastery, Scharfenstein Castle, Hanstein Castle Ruins and Zella Monastery.

…to enumerate also here only a few goals.

Borderland Museum Eichsfeld Wilhelm Busch Mill Ebergoetzen Manor Herbigshagen Eichsfeld

Duderstadt Hotel Tips: From wellness hotel to Duderstadt youth hostel

Right away, there are some hotels in Duderstadt. I have chosen for my stay of course a relaxed hotel with pleasure and wellness offer.

Of course you will also find guesthouses, cozy town hotels and vacation apartments in the cute half-timbered town.

Representatively I would like to introduce you here simply times the one or other Duderstadt accommodation.

Room Hotel zum Loewen

Duderstadt Hotel to the Lion

For my tour through Duderstadt I booked the Hotel zum Löwen, in the center of town. That is, I have chosen the hotel Duderstadt to the lion quite consciously, because it combines pleasure and wellness wonderfully.

Finally, the combination of stylish coziness behind half-timbered houses, high-quality gastronomy and, above all, a small but fine wellness area, is the absolutely perfect starting point for my excursions and adventures in and around Duderstadt.

Hotel zum Löwen: Marktstraße 30, 37115 Duderstadt – [email protected] – www.hotelzumloewen.de

Hotel zum Loewen

Duderstadt youth guesthouse& Family holiday paradise Pferdeberg

In Duderstadt there is also a youth guesthouse. It is located a bit outside the historic old town.

For families, however, the Pferdeberg family paradise is a good alternative to the youth hostel and youth guesthouse. A spacious area with adventure playground, barbecue and fire place as well as volley and soccer field, child care and a lot of other facilities.v.m. is perfect for a family holiday.

Jugendgästehaus Duderstadt: Adenauerring 23, 37115 Duderstadt – Ferienparadies Pferdeberg: Bischof-Janssen-Straße 1, 37115 Duderstadt

Unusual overnight stays in Duderstadt

Likewise, it is currently even possible to stay overnight really original. On the beautiful Herbigshagen estate, there is a sleeperoo this summer. As you know, I have already stayed in one or the other sleeperoo.

sleeperoo in the garden of the Heinz Sielmann Foundation on Gut Herbigshagen: Sielmannweg 1, 37115 Duderstadt

sleeperoo at the Herbigshagen estate

Duderstadt Tourism: More tips& Info

Alldieweil a few more interesting tips and information, around the half-timbered town Duderstadt.

Of course, the small town, offers many more experiences and discoveries.

Events, markets& relaxing places

In short, there are, in addition to the half-timbered houses, a few exciting festivals, relaxed places and interesting destinations, within the town.

Accordingly I would like to give you these absolutely still on the way or better said, for the travel planning, to the heart put.

Weekly market Duderstadt

Always on Wednesday and Saturday the weekly market takes place in Duderstadt, on the market place. Placed, from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the lower church St. Servatius. The market offers mainly regional goods and delicacies.

Duderstadt Christmas Market

From the end of November to the end of December, the small, romantic Duderstadt Christmas market sets up its tents around the lower church. The Duderstädter Weihnachtstreff invites to stay and enjoy.

Duderstadt sausage market

Very popular is the Eichsfelder Wurstmarkt in Duderstadt, annually in early November.

Consequently, on the Duderstadt sausage market, in the heart of the Duderstadt old town, mainly regional specialties are offered, such as e.g. the Eichsfelder sausage, stracke, Schmandkuchen u.v.m.

Duderstadt sausage specialties

Duderstadt outdoor pool& Duderstadt swimming pool

In Duderstadt there is also a very idyllic outdoor swimming pool. Non-swimmer pool, 50-meter lanes and a large lawn for sunbathing invite you to spend relaxing hours. Open from May to September.

For the winter months there is usually an indoor swimming pool open in Duderstadt. But currently the indoor swimming pool is being renovated from the ground up.

Indoor swimming pool Duderstadt: Auf der Klappe (school center), 37115 Duderstadt – Outdoor swimming pool Duderstadt: August-Werner-Allee, 37115 Duderstadt

Seeburger See also has a natural swimming pool

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Please note: Due to the current Corona situation, opening hours and events may change from time to time. Please therefore always inform in advance.