Dangerous neighborhoods Los Angeles

For your next trip, business trip or rental search, you'll want to check out the dangerous neighborhoods in Los Angeles. To avoid the risk of choosing an apartment or a hotel in a red light district of this huge city, find out which neighborhoods you should avoid in Los Angeles.

This study was carried out thanks to serious and reliable sources of information (business media, local press, rankings and statistical studies). The following article is a summary of the large amount of information and numbers and does not contain any judgment or discrimination.

Here is some information to help you recognize and avoid most dangerous neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

Hot neighborhoods Los Angeles

Dangerous city Los Angeles?

NOT REALLY : Los Angeles remains a much less dangerous city than many other cities in America like Lals Vegas, Washington, D.C ou Houston !

In fact, according to the Numbeo 2021 ranking of the 97 cities in North America, Los Angeles would be the 44eme "most crime-ridden" City with a crime index of 48.84.

See the map of the most crime-ridden cities in North America on the Numbeo website:

NUMBEO Los Angeles Crime Rankings

And, at world rankings, Los Angeles is considered less crime-ridden than cities like Darwin in Australia, Male aux Maldives, Lima, Mexico, Cancun ou Montpellier et Marseille in France.

Also note that this classification according to the feelings of Internet users according to their own criteria and give an average.

Besides, the insecurity in Los Angeles is not the same everywhere. It is only concentrated in certain parts of the city. Apart from the places that some people consider dangerous, Los Angeles is no more dangerous than London, New York, Paris, Rome or Barcelona.

Neighborhoods of Los Angeles

It is difficult to understand how the city of Los Angeles is organized and to move between all its districts.

In fact, the city is divided into 9 main parts:

  • The center (Central LA)
  • The eastern part (Eastside)
  • The Northeast
  • The West Side (Westside)
  • South Bay
  • The South (South Los Angeles)
  • San Fernando Valley (San Fernando Valley)
  • The Verdugos area
  • The waterfront (Harbor)

Each of these areas is divided into many neighborhoods. That's why it's better to find your way around on a map.

Map of Los Angeles neighborhoods

To better locate the red or dangerous areas of Los Angeles, the map below can be enlarged for your research.

Los Angeles' most dangerous neighborhoods

Discover below a list (not exhaustive) of the neighborhoods that have the reputation of being the most dangerous in LA. For more details on the statistics, please contact LADP, the official website of the Los Angeles Police Department: POLICE DEPARTMENT OF LOS ANGELES

South Los Angeles

South LA is a dangerous area due to drug trafficking and gang violence. However, the city has implemented policies that have reduced crime and violence in recent years.

West Adams

Located northwest of South Los Angeles As described above, West Adams is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city. Late 20th. Wealthy Californians left it in the early twentieth century and the neighborhood has changed.

Although there has been a great improvement, West Adams is still among the neighborhoods that have the highest crime rates in LA today.


Located in South Los Angeles, this district would be gang territory. Their rivalry leads to acts of violence, which explains the reputation of dangerousness of this district of LA.

Skid Row

In contrast to South LA, the Skid Row neighborhood has a rising crime rate.

Skid Row is particularly unsafe today with high rates of assaults, burglaries and car thefts. A hotbed of drug addiction, this neighborhood has become increasingly dangerous over the years.


Chinatown is one of the most crime-ridden neighborhoods in Los Angeles, according to statistics.

During the day, however, nothing prevents you from enjoying this touristy area. In fact, you can admire the statue of Bruce Lee or eat in a good little restaurant.

Compton – Dangerous city south of LA

Compton is not really a neighborhood in LA, but a city south of Los Angeles.

However, it had to be cited because Compton would be the most dangerous place in Los Angeles. A few years ago it was even called the American Capital of Murder. Fortunately, today the number of crimes and human trafficking is decreasing.

However, if you are hesitant to find lodging or a hotel in this area, you should look elsewhere.

Neighborhoods to avoid in Los Angeles

Without being areas where you risk your life, the places listed below are often safe during the day, but can be sensitive at night and are therefore not recommended.

Central LA

Downtown Los Angeles is very popular with tourists. In fact, the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Broad Museum, the Grammy Museum are all located here .

This district is safer during the day than the other districts above. Moreover, its insecurity is constantly decreasing. But it's not recommended to walk there at night, even if police patrol regularly.

North Hollywood

Much further north than the legendary Hollywood neighborhood, North Hollywood or NoHo is not a dangerous neighborhood. But it is a neighborhood known for thefts and burglaries.

Which neighborhood in Los Angeles?

It's hard to say which is the best and most beautiful neighborhood in Los Angeles. In fact, all the most beautiful neighborhoods of the city have their own identity and peculiarities, which are appreciated by some and perhaps not by others. It is all a matter of taste.

However, I'll show you among the most popular neighborhoods in Los Angeles these are, of course, the ones where you can safely stay:

  • Beverly Hills
  • Venice
  • Marina Del Rey
  • March Vista
  • Santa Monica
  • Playa Vista
  • Westwood

Map of the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles

You will find that the best areas of LA are all on the west side of the city:

Which hotel in Los Angeles?

The hotel I recommend below is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Los Angeles in Venice! Its location is ideal for tourists, as it overlooks the Pacific Ocean and in front of the Venice Beach Boardwalk.

Less than 2 km from Santa Monica and Marina del Rey, the area next to the hotel offers numerous restaurants, museums, art galleries and cool stores.