Cheap travel with a small budget

You finally want to get away from it all after more than two years of pandemic, but the travel budget doesn't allow for much? No problem! Cheap travel can be relaxing, exciting or relaxing even on a budget. Today we would like to present you some travel tips and destinations, where it does not depend on the size of your wallet.

Ideal preparation saves your wallet

The first step to save travel costs is a good preparation. In addition to choosing a vacation destination, this also includes comparing the local conditions on site, planning the travel period and the type of travel and accommodation. This way you can easily save a lot of costs even before the actual booking.

Where to go?

Sounds banal at first, but the price is determined by the destination. A vacation in Germany or in Europe is of course cheaper than a long-distance trip overseas. But also here you should pay attention to the different offers to be able to travel cheaply. It makes a big difference if you want to go to Iceland or Spain for example.

So you can travel cheap - even with a small purse

If you have decided on a vacation region, you should definitely compare different countries with each other. If you want to go to the south for example in summer, just compare the Mediterranean countries with each other. Often there are already significant price differences.

Also a vacation in Germany has of course its charm. You can travel cheaply here simply because the distances are shorter and easier than abroad. Whether by bus or train – often the whole family can make the trip for a manageable obulus.

Live cheap = travel cheap?

Next is the choice of accommodation. A hotel in the center of Paris will usually eat up more budget than a guesthouse outside the French metropolis. A luxury hotel is more expensive than a youth hostel. The equipment and the quality of the accommodation offers enormous potential for savings.

Think also about the possibility of vacation apartments or vacation homes. In areas with a lot of tourism you often have a wide choice from simple houses to luxurious villas – and therefore a wide range of prices. Also the food is much cheaper than in a hotel.

If you also decide to spend your vacation in Germany, we advise you not to forget the appropriate travel protection. At TravelProtect, we have even developed a low-cost travel insurance policy specifically for vacation rentals in Germany.

Potential savings when booking the trip

Now we have discovered a destination and a nice place to stay where we can relax. Now we have to book the trip. And especially here you can save a lot on the travel price, if you plan and compare carefully and in time.

Book in time

The easiest way to travel cheap and save money is to book in advance. As soon as the offers for the coming season are published, you can make a bargain or two as an early bird.

But you don't have to miss out on certain destinations. Sure, three weeks on the Maldives in your own bungalow is expensive even as an early bird, but almost all popular destinations, such as France, Spain or Turkey often offer very cheap vacations.

Last minute trips

Suddenly available allotments or trips canceled at short notice – with last minute trips, many travel portals now offer something for the small thaler. So if you don't have a problem with booking a trip at the last minute, here are some great discounts.

But beware: last minute trips are not ideal for everyone. Families with children, who have to pay attention to vacation schedules, or travelers who want or need to plan everything well in advance, should rather do without this guide. The choice of accommodations, flights, connecting times, etc., is also a challenge. is rather limited for short term travel.

High savings potential - last minute travels

Choose the most suitable time

This point is a bit difficult! If you are unattached or do not yet have children of your own, we always recommend that you stay in the low seasons. Compared to the main seasons, the prices here are much lower. In tourist areas you also have more choice of accommodation, as they are not overcrowded.

If you already have your own children, the situation is a little different, because now you have to pay attention to the vacation periods in the schools. And especially during the summer and Christmas vacations, the peak season starts for almost all offers. But also here there is a solution.

If you are able to plan well, then abandon the convenient package tour and organize your vacation individually. If you pay attention to the offers of private persons (vacation homes) or small enterprises (pensions and inns), you can travel also in the high summer or to New Year's Eve favorably.

More tips to travel cheap

Of course, in addition to these important points, there are many other tips that will allow you to enjoy a vacation even if the budget is sparse. We can not explain all of them in detail, but examples would be:

  • Create a vacation fund and set aside a fixed monthly contribution for the coming year.
  • Traveling only with little luggage or even only hand luggage (rather difficult for families with children).
  • Use hostels and youth hostels, do not hotel hop.
  • At the resort: check out free activities, like parks, museums or nature trails.
  • Check out cheap restaurants and bars in advance.

No matter where your next vacation takes you, we hope we have been able to give you a few pointers on how to travel cheaply. Because the most important thing is also valid here: Your vacation should take you away from the dreary everyday life and give you a good time – and for that even a small budget is enough!

Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

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