Insider tips for Tenerife

Vacation tips, insider tips and insider tips for unforgettable vacations on the Canary Island Tenerife there are many. But even if some insider tips for Tenerife are no longer really secret, the following suggestions guarantee unusual and varied vacation experiences in the most beautiful weeks of the year.

Snorkeling with turtles& Kayaking with dolphins

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Checklist before you travel to Peru

We help you to prepare your trip. Before you travel to Peru, you should ask yourself some important questions and especially : the RIGHT questions! Therefore we have put all the questions here in a logical order for you.

How long should the trip to Peru last ?


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The 7 most beautiful walks in spring in northern Germany

Spring is creeping through Germany on quiet feet. Perfect to clear your head and just let your soul dangle. In northern Germany there are so many places that will enchant you, from breathtaking landscapes and fresh flowers to a fresh breeze at the many beaches. You decide!

In times of cornovirus, social distancing is the order of the day on the featured walks. Do the walks with your family or alone, because we all have to do our part to contain the virus. Together we are strong!

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Tips & Tricks: Canada Visa

Canada is one of the most popular destinations for work&life Travel. However, or maybe because of this, the preparation is not that easy. Especially the visa can possibly mean your quick end. We explain why.

Visa and entry in Canada

The government of Canada grants a work& Travel- Work stay of up to one year with a special visa, the Working Holiday Visa. It allows travel across the country and paid casual jobs. New Zealand and Australia also issue such visas. However, Canada has a special feature: even if your application is correct and there are no objections from the authorities, you are by no means assured of a visa. It is contingent.

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Get an education in France: 5 tips for your search

Getting an education in France: 5 tips for your search

Think about doing your education in France? Then you should inform yourself in advance according to the requirements, about the training positions offered and professional degrees. We explain which training opportunities are offered in the neighboring country and provide you with tips for your French application for a training position.

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More tips on settling back in Germany

Bus tour to Ninety Mile Beach in New Zealand

Coming back from a long trip or a stay abroad is not without its difficulties. I've been through this several times and have already told you about my experiences here and given you tips on how to arrive. Today I want to give you another tip that can help make your return more enjoyable. Of course it is again a travel tip and the keyword is bus tours. But read first.

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Enjoying Westphalia: 2 travel tips for beautiful Westphalia in NRW

I am on the road in Munsterland and Westphalia. Just a stone's throw from my home, a new and extraordinary culinary world opens up to me. Between lush fields, quaint small towns and a lot of fresh country air, I discover the culinary side of Westphalia.

The first part of my journey is not only characterized by typical regional cuisine, but is also highly spirited and adventurously rounded out. You can find all my highlights of my trip to Westphalia here:

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Bali: the most beautiful insider tips on the “Island of the Gods

Bali is considered the epitome of paradise. With its coconut-white beaches, mystical temples and beautiful coral reefs, the "Island of the Gods" attracts numerous tourists every year. Some of the tourism so far spared spots could preserve the island nevertheless. They are paradisiacal places, far from the tourist trails.

The east coast of Bali: enchanting solitude and crystal clear water

Without question Bali is a first class surfer's paradise. It's hardly surprising, then, that the majority of the four million tourists who arrive in Bali each year spend their vacations on the island's coast. However, many of the beaches are densely populated: Especially regions around the less beautiful but extremely lively cities of Denpasar and Kuta are touristically overpopulated. Here, numerous bars and clubs line the beach promenades, making party-loving tourists happy. On the east coast of the island, around the small towns of Amed and Tulamben, on the other hand, you can enjoy enchanting solitude. The partly still undiscovered beaches are stonier, therefore the water is especially clear – but also very calm. Surfing is not possible here. Instead, divers and snorkelers get their money's worth: beginners can take their "First Dive" to the U.S.S. Make Liberty at Tulamben. An incomparable experience.

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