Best time of year to visit Seattle, Washington, weather and other travel tips

Seattle has a reputation for being a rainy city. This applies to some parts of the year, but sometimes there will not be a drop of rain. Most of the rain falls during the winter months, so the months between May and November are the best time of year to visit Seattle. The summer months are very popular, which leads to a lot of tourists and higher hotel room rates. Fall is a brilliant time to visit Seattle as many of the tourists have left, room rates have dropped and the weather is pleasant. Spring is a nice time to visit, but you may still see some rain. Photo: Quasarfotos / Fotolia

Seattle Weather and Temperature by Month

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Marrakech vacation: The most helpful tips and experiences

On a vacation in Marrakech, you can immerse yourself in the Orient from head to toe, embarking on hour-long walks through the medina and discovering impressive buildings and magnificent palaces in the Old City. But that is not enough. The Moroccan metropolis has something to offer for everyone who wants to spend a vacation in Marrakech. Here are the most important tips and experiences from and for travel planners.

Optimal travel time for a Marrakech vacation

Marrakech is only a four hour flight from Germany. No other destination offers such a strong cultural contrast as Morocco in comparison to this small distance. A vacation in Marrakech is therefore not a strenuous long-distance trip, but can be inserted thanks to numerous flight connections to Europe today relatively easily.

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Summer in Spain, heat in Madrid

Summer in Madrid, heat in Madrid

In Madrid there is a saying that goes: "Nueve meses de invierno y tres de infierno."
Translate it like this: Nine months of winter and three months of hell.
Madrid is extremely hot in the summer and can get quite cold in the winter, so cold that you can even do winter sports without any problems. Accordingly, I find that this saying hits the nail on the head. Also, there is no real spring or fall in Madrid. It's either cold or hot. The change between cold and heat is always like someone flipping a switch, someone deciding to turn on the heat all at once. Overnight, without warning, just like that.

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Hawaii – A little travel guide

After having introduced you to the different islands of Hawaii in an introductory article, we would like to show you in the following episodes the different attractions, but also valuable tips& Presenting tricks for a Hawaii vacation and stay.

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Scene district Bremen: Tips for Ostertor, the alternative cultural district

Actually, I feel like I'm in the middle of Kreuzberg right now, not Bremen." Those were roughly my words that came to mind during a guided tour of Bremen's alternative cultural assets. Whether I feel comfortable? Definitely. With a beer in my hand, I set out to get to know Bremen from a different side. Namely, the trendy neighborhood in Bremen: Ostertor. This neighborhood can also rival other cool and hip corners in Germany.

Trendy district of Bremen: Ostertor, the alternative cultural district

What are the first words that come to your mind when you think of Bremen?? Let me guess. You'll think of the Bremen Town Musicians, fishing, and a city to the north. So far also correct. But did you know that Bremen can do so much more?

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Select a travel agency? 4 things to know

So you are thinking about traveling again? You are not alone. The pandemic may not be over yet, but the expansion of vaccination eligibility in the U.S. – barring hiccups, delays and pauses – and news that the European Union will open up to vaccinated travelers are inspiring many to plan a real summer vacation , or even take the plunge in booking bucket-list adventures.

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This is how South America goes: Ecuador sights for independent travelers

Ecuador is the largest country in the world with approx. 17 million inhabitants and a little more than 256.Ecuador, one of the smaller countries in Spanish-speaking South America, is a pioneer in ecotourism, and thanks to its diverse landscapes and high biodiversity, has some really great sights and destinations to offer travelers.

For travelers and backpackers, Ecuador is a safe destination, with world-renowned natural spectacles and landscapes, it has volcanoes, highlands, the rainforest, the coast, and the Galapagos Islands to offer.

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Hawaii – Tips for travel planning

Last summer, I was lucky enough to take a dream vacation with my family. After the start in Vancouver/Vancouver Island we went to Hawaii and from there via San Francisco back home again. For Hawaii we had barely two and a half weeks, which is not exactly a lot for the island paradise. We had a great vacation, but in retrospect one is smarter. Therefore I would like to give you a few tips for planning your trip.

1. Island selection:

Which islands to visit? With this question we have dealt intensively before our trip. We read several travel guides, internet articles and travel blogs, and even watched a DVD series about Hawaii. There is certainly no universally valid answer to this question. We were mainly helped by tips from some travel blogs to make a choice. Our choice fell on Big Island (Hawaii), Kaua'i and Maui. On the way there, we made a 2-day stopover in Honolulu (O'ahu). Overall, we have been very happy with our choices and can recommend these islands to anyone. Here's some quick info on the islands:

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