Up to 43.000 points compensation with the Amex Platinum!

Due to the currently very manageable benefits of the Amex Platinum credit card, Amex has come up with something to avoid cancellations.

UPDATE: Since American Express increased the value of the points significantly for a short time (125 points = 1€), the "compensation" since 21. April 2020 to just under 20.000 points reduced. However, this is still available by request! In addition, you currently earn 2 points per 1€ turnover with the Platinum Card.

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Nine journeys with the 9-euro ticket: From Berlin through Germany

The 9-euro ticket is a door opener for many: For little money, you can explore all of Germany from Berlin. You can scramble in the Harz mountains, stroll through "Frau-Holle-Land" and drink a few beers at the Ruhr river. You can reenact "Inglourius Basterds" in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains and find out in Eisenhuttenstadt that Tom Hanks is not as boring as he always seems. We present you nine journeys with the 9-Euro-Ticket.

The river of life, the Ruhr

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