Four Seasons Hong Kong: business club with a view

The Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong is one of the most popular business hotels in the vibrant metropolis on the South China Sea. One reason for this is the location. On the other hand, it may be the executive floor at the 45th floor that has changed. lying on the floor. Arguably unrivaled in Hong Kong ..

Four Seasons Hong Kong Business Club Lounge

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Orleans in the Loire Valley, one of the most beautiful cities in France

Johanna comes again. Every year at the beginning of May, when she marches with her entourage to Place Sainte Croix, the crowds in Orleans cheer for her. But she has been dead for more than 500 years.

Orleans sights

Of course it is not the real Johanna who is celebrated as a heroine. Joan of Arc was burned at the stake in 1431, not at all heroic, after she helped the royal heir to the throne win against the English and Burgundians.

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Event-Tip: Wanderlust Festival comes to Munich!

It is so far! On Sunday 16. July WANDERLUST 108 comes to Munich. WANDERLUST – never heard of it before? Then it's high time for all running and yoga enthusiasts to get going.

Wanderlust is a 360° yoga and lifestyle platform and includes multi-day festivals as well as one-day mindful triathlons, Wanderlust 108's.

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Cannes-Grasse Train

The Grasse-Cannes train line connects the back-country City of Perfume with the Mediterranean coast at the town of Cannes. Some of the trains continue on from Cannes to the east (Antibes, Nice, Menton) without changing. From the Cannes station, you can get trains to Marseilles, Lyon, Paris or anywhere else in Europe.

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