School Ski Trips to Salzburger Sportwelt

As far as ski trips go, the Salzburger Sportwelt has the broadest choice of resorts, combining to provide 760km of outstanding skiing. Eben im Pongau is perfect for younger groups looking for a safe, quiet village; whilst Altenmarkt, Wagrain, Flachau and Radstadt are your go-to resorts for older groups who are after a bustling atmosphere and lots of souvenir shopping.

Rayburn Covid Guarantee

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Maeklong Railway Market – The craziest market in all of Thailand!

Colorful market hustle and bustle, hurried traders and from afar you can already hear the train, which makes itself heard by incessant touting. The Maeklong Railway Market, also called Talar Rom Hob in Samut Songkhram is something very special and about 100 kilometers from Bangkok is.

For here in the sleepy province, at a market that has been going on for over a hundred years, a train runs. And that in the middle of the market and millimeter past the stalls into the station.

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Travel Diary: Washington, D.C. | White House & National Mall

Travel Diary: Washington, D.C. | White House & National Mall

Since I've been here in New York, I've actually barely gotten out of the city – mostly, of course, because there's so much to do and see here, but also because bachelor's work and other commitments just haven't left time for it. But now it was really about time and my friend and I decided to spend a long weekend in Washington, D.C. to spend.

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Dangerous neighborhoods Los Angeles

For your next trip, business trip or rental search, you'll want to check out the dangerous neighborhoods in Los Angeles. To avoid the risk of choosing an apartment or a hotel in a red light district of this huge city, find out which neighborhoods you should avoid in Los Angeles.

This study was carried out thanks to serious and reliable sources of information (business media, local press, rankings and statistical studies). The following article is a summary of the large amount of information and numbers and does not contain any judgment or discrimination.

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Spa world Bad Fussing is the most versatile in Europe

In Bad Fussing, one of the most specialized spa and wellness regions in Europe, everything revolves around relaxation and health, joie de vivre and fresh energy. The healing thermal waters, a wonderful natural landscape, a versatile and attractive hotel industry and Bavarian hospitality go hand in hand.

In the warm months Bad Fussing is in full bloom. Its green areas are considered by many guests to be among the most beautiful spa parks in Bavaria. 30 million colorful blossoms, trees, flowers and lots of green delight the eye and the mind. Countless walking paths with many opportunities to linger meander through the blossom splendor. In the hot summer months, oak trees and silver maples provide pleasant shade while strolling around.

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Glamping in Holland: The 7 best accommodations

The Netherlands is one of the most vibrant and interesting countries in Europe. Known for its eclectic capital Amsterdam, the Netherlands is much more than canals and museums. If you choose to vacation or glamp in Holland, you will find both pretty picture postcard towns and very modern cities like Rotterdam and The Hague.

The best way to get to know the Netherlands is a glamping stay, where you can enjoy all the amenities without giving up the typical camping feeling. Below we present the 9 most beautiful glamping options in the Netherlands.

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CES: Leading automakers are betting on Mobileye

Volkswagen Group uses maps for driver assistance systems, Ford and Zeekr announce new Mobileye-based series projects.


  • Together with VW, Ford and Zeekr, Mobileye announces new programs at CES 2022 based on Mobileye's technologies for mapping, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles (AV).
  • With Travel Assist 2.5, the Volkswagen Group is using Mobileye's crowdsourced mapping technology to enhance convenience features in driver assistance systems, such as lane departure warning, in VW, Škoda and Seat brand vehicles.
  • Mobileye and Ford's long-standing relationship deepens with strategic collaboration: Mobileye's Road Experience Management™ (REM™) technology will be integrated into Ford BlueCruise to provide Level 2+ (L2+) hands-free ADAS solutions for multiple makes and models.
  • Mobileye and Zeekr – Geely Holding Group's global premium electric mobility brand – announce joint plans to offer an all-electric, self-driving personal vehicle powered by Mobileye Drive™ by 2024.

LAS VEGAS, 4. January 2022 – During an Intel press conference today, Intel subsidiary Mobileye announced several new strategic collaborations, to transform the driver and passenger experience worldwide. Collaborations with Volkswagen Group, Ford and Zeekr illustrate the breadth and innovation of Mobileye's ADAS-to-AV technology.

Also unveiled the Mobileye EyeQ® Ultra – Mobileye's first AV-on-chip (AVoC) designed specifically for Level 4 self-driving vehicles.

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The 7 best activities for your China trip: Nature and culture for connoisseurs

At WeDesignTrips local experts from tour operators will help you to plan your individual China trip without any obligation.

China – the land of contrasts, home to numerous UNESCO world cultural heritages and a highlight for nature lovers. Whether you want to relax or be active in China, you can do both in an incredibly beautiful environment. Our local experts have gathered for you the 7 best activities to do during your China trip.

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Franeker and the incredible planetarium

Harlingen, end of the dike trip and departure to Franeker

On the way to Harlingen, a farm road did not always lead directly along the dike, in between I was also guided to the next village. The huge areas of reclaimed land are very fertile. The mud, as the mud is called here and in which one sinks at low tide in places ankle- to almost knee-deep, is full of nutrients. The most cultivated plant of the estates are white flowering potatoes. A field with pink potatoes in front of the village Nes just before Wierum I found especially pretty.

Country estate Potato field in front of Nes

Another village I passed on the way to Harlingen, Oudebildtzijl, was the first time I felt like in Holland. Canals, closable by lock gates and boats in front of cozy houses, these pictures I had actually made of Holland and here they came true. Stones are rare here, there are no rocky outcrops and the silt does not contain any stones. So you burn bricks. The bricks are used everywhere, for house building, lock building, road building. The bricklayers are true masters of their trade. The very precisely laid brick roads stretch for kilometers.

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