Morocco – Marrakech to Atlas Mountains

Marrakech – a city that combines ancient traditions and exciting creativity, and is an enticing destination for those touring the country for the first time, as well as seasoned Moroccan travelers who want to revisit its elegant stores and excellent hotels. In five days you will experience the rich history, the exciting markets and you can take exotic trips to the nearby mountains and desert.

Day 1 Marrakech – culture meets modernity

Upon arrival at the hotel, book a guide to give you a first glimpse of the old medina and the main sights such as the Medersa Ben Youssef (Koranic school) from the Middle Ages and the impressive Koutoubia Mosque. Also the Musee du Marrakech, which is located in the magnificent Mnebhi Palace from the 19th century. The building, which is housed in a seventeenth-century palace, is well worth a visit with its exhibits of Islamic architecture, gardens, and impressive history of the region.

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The new place to be in southwestern France: Bordeaux

The fog comes out of nowhere on this bright summer day. I sit on the Garonne, opposite the Palais de la Bourse, and see the passers-by only through a veil of millions of drops of water. Children jump in the fog cloud, which is refreshing to the skin. A little later everything is clear again, the facade of the stock exchange palace is reflected in the water – a wonderful photo motif.
This is made possible by the Miroir d'eau, a nearly 3.500-square-meter granite slab that is washed over two centimeters high, creating the illusion that the Bordeaux landmark is standing in the middle of the water.

Magnificent houses abound in Bordeaux, the old town from the 18th century. The nineteenth-century port is almost completely preserved and has been designated a Unesco World Heritage Site as Port de la Lune (Port of the Moon).

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Travel tip: Nancy, the golden city – France

Travel tip: Nancy, the golden city - France

After we already enjoyed our short trip to Strasbourg so much – and we were so proud of our school French – we decided to take another short trip to a French city: Nancy. From Frankfurt, you can reach this beautiful, dreamy city with good food, interesting museums and charm in just three hours by car. Let me tell you: once again I asked myself why I left the versatile country France off my travel list for such a long time. I can't explain it, because this city has also conquered my heart in no time.

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Obertauern, the snow bowl in the province of Salzburg

9.000 guest beds are located directly on 1.740 meters of altitude and promise to be the first at the lift in the morning or to start the ascent at your doorstep. We have tried it and needed from the last sip of coffee at the breakfast table to the slopes only 13 minutes – well some may slip faster into his ski clothes.

Obertauern - Hotel Steiner Photo: Anika Giese

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Technical guide to hitchhiking through big cities

Clown hitchhiking

At some point I started hitchhiking in Leipzig for fun. Mostly at night on weekends, when I missed the last train and didn't want to walk anymore. Surprisingly this worked very well. Even at a dark corner with black clothes at the main feeder to the city center I got my lifts. Since then I hitchhike regularly also in cities and urban areas. Especially on my long distance tours this is always required when I had to go through the big cities like Quito, Lima, Guatemala City, and Mexico City. It is not always easy, but I would like to explain to you how I cross cities.

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Best time to visit Portland, Oregon, all year long

Portland, Oregon offers many opportunities for outdoor activities. This makes June through August the best time to visit Portland because of the warm weather that visitors can enjoy. This is a popular time to visit, so it is important to book your accommodations in advance, and be prepared for higher room rates than at other times of the year. Prices are cheaper in spring and the city is less crowded, but expect some rain and cooler temperatures. Fall is similar in terms of crowds and room rates, and winter is popular for skiers and snowboarders at nearby Mount Hood. Photo: Josemaria Toscano / Fotolia

Getting to Portland, Oregon

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