Bremerhaven sights: maritime, relaxed & enjoy

A few years ago we started a series of city breaks to the supposed "second cities". One of the first cities we discovered for ourselves back in Northern Germany was the maritime Bremerhaven.

A city that nestles between the Hanseatic city of Bremen and the North Sea often falls a little into the shadows. Completely wrongly, because Bremerhaven has its very own charm and above all also a very own history, even if the city is not one of the top 10 short vacation city destinations.

We have since discovered Bremerhaven in countless ways. With this article, we invite you to discover the maritime history and related maritime side of the city!

Bremerhaven sights

Sightseeing Bremerhaven: More than just a port city

We first visited Bremerhaven in 2014 as part of a short family trip. Since then, we have already visited the port city several times. Both for day trips, as well as a destination over the weekend.

For us exciting: Bremerhaven is always and constantly developing. Positive changes are just noticeable and every time we come to the city there seems to be one of these positive, new changes.

Bremerhaven, like Bremen, is located on the Weser River and although Bremerhaven is quite a distance from Bremen, it is still officially part of Bremen – the smallest state in Germany.

Bremerhaven is also called the only big city at the North Sea, even if the actual sea is still a few kilometers away. By the way, in this case big city means just under 110.000 inhabitants.

Bremerhaven was almost completely destroyed during the war, so there are only a few houses left that give you an idea of what Bremerhaven used to look like.

Bremerhaven sights

Voyages to sea – a long love story in maritime Bremerhaven

Seafaring is still omnipresent in Bremerhaven today. Even though the way has probably changed a lot. During a ride through the modern harbor, we were told some of the history. Today in Bremerhaven mainly cars are shipped all over the world.

Tip: If you want to learn more about the modern port history of Bremerhaven, you should join one of the guided tours with the harbor bus through the overseas ports. Duration: ca. 120 minutes. Cost: from 10 euros per person / discounted family tickets available.

Bremerhaven was once indeed one of the largest and best-known emigrant ports. In 1854 alone almost 80 emigrants left Bremerhaven.000 emigrants Europe with destination America.

Emigration House Bremerhaven

7 million emigrants started their journey in Bremerhaven

From Bremerhaven there was a regular liner service to New York and Baltimore.

In total, more than 7 million emigrants set off from Bremerhaven for the "land of opportunity" – in search of happiness, contentment and often a better future.

But the future was probably rather uncertain and at that time also dangerous. The crossing was exhausting and those who could not afford it, often experienced the journey to the "new world" in a rather poor and simple accommodation.

Even today, Bremerhaven is still a well-known port for cruise ships. These cruise ships even frequently depart from Bremerhaven for world cruises / Cruise terminal: Columbuskaje 1, 27568 Bremerhaven.

Places of interest in Bremerhaven

Sights Bremerhaven: Emigrant house in the Havenwelten

The Emigration House in Bremerhaven shows very vividly how the emigrants lived on the ship, what awaited them in America, whether and under what circumstances they were allowed to enter.

In the gallery of the 7 million you can read the names of the emigrants and also listen to stories and biographies of some emigrants.

Also interesting is that there were many people who (re)entered Europe from America. For these people Bremerhaven was then not seldom the port of arrival – in the old-new homeland.

For a visit to the Auswandererhaus Bremerhaven we recommend a time window of at least three to four hours.

German Emigration Center Bremerhaven – www.dah-bremerhaven.en / Columbusstrabe 65, 27568 Bremerhaven / open: daily. 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (5 p.m. Nov.-Feb.) / Admission from 16 Euro + 9 Euro / erm. Family tickets from 30 Euro + 42 Euro.

Emigration House Bremerhaven

Delicious excursion destinations in Bremerhaven

I don't know about you, but when I'm in a port city, I also want to dine maritime… In Bremerhaven, I tested a few things for this and served three very different gastro tips for you on the menu:

Bremerhaven Attractions: Dining on an old windjammer

The "Seute Deern" is a World Heritage Site. She is a real old windjammer and today also the largest wooden cargo sailer in the world, which has been preserved in its original form.

The sailor is not only part of the German Maritime Museum. The splendor is also in the middle of the ensemble of the Havenwelten Bremerhaven. The emigrant house, the climate house or also the zoo at the sea are only few steps away.

Museum harbor with Bremerhaven skyline in the background provide a unique ambience.

On the menu of the restaurant you can find mainly fish dishes, as it should be for a maritime culinary delight. But also a few alternative dishes and vegetarian dishes are on the menu.

For real fish and maritime fans, a visit to the stylish sailor is probably an absolute "MUST".

Seute Deern – / Hans-Scharoun-Platz 1, 27568 Bremerhaven / open: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. / food prices between 10 euros and 20 euros.

Attractions Bremerhaven

Bremerhaven Excursions: The last pub before New York

A bit outside of Bremerhaven, but really cult, is a really rustic restaurant – the meeting point Kaiserhafen, also better known as "The last pub before New York".

The food there is also very maritime, good and above all very bourgeois. It tastes delicious and the iconic decor of the dining room, with figureheads, echo sounder, lanterns, radio, diving suit u.v.m., simply adds to the maritime atmosphere.

The boss of the restaurant used to go to sea himself as a ship's cook. The decoration pieces in the restaurant come therefore also for the most part from ships and/or. from the boat trip.

But the restaurant does not only offer something to eat. Very often there is musical entertainment with the Ocean Band.

The last pub before New York – / Franziusstrabe 92, 27568 Bremerhaven / open: daily. from 11 o'clock to midnight (continuous warm kitchen) / food prices between 10 euro to 20 euro.

Last pub before New York

For a fish roll at the Schaufenster Fischereihafen

If you like fish rolls in a maritime harbor setting as much as I do, the Fischereihafen Bremerhaven is the right place for you. Whether upscale or prefer the fish roll to eat directly on the hand. The fishing port of Bremerhaven makes it possible.

Fish stalls, restaurants, bistros, pubs, maritime shops, fish station, cafes and sea fish cooking studio and all with a view of the harbor edge. Here no maritime heart remains dry.

This maritime mile was created in the historic part of the 100-year-old fishing port of Bremerhaven. Not only tourists meet here, also the locals come here often and with pleasure for sociable and maritime moments.

Around 500.000 guests per year enjoy the special scenery and the charm of the original preserved fish halls. Open-air concerts, theme markets or the legendary "Fish Party" round off the maritime program.

Shop window fishing port Bremerhaven – window fishing harbor.en / open: daily / menu prices: from 5 euros. / Parking lot: Am Schaufenster 1, 27572 Bremerhaven

Maritime discoveries& Sights in Bremerhaven: My conclusion

My "maritime" conclusion to Bremerhaven – as a family trip – is absolutely positive. Because Bremerhaven is an interesting city. There is much to experience and discover here.

Especially for families, also in view of the low entrance fees and costs for dining out, accommodation, etc., a short vacation in the port city really offers itself.

Also to be emphasized are the predominantly short distances. Almost everything is close together. If you stay longer, you should of course make a detour to the North Sea beach. For the small beach experience you will also find a beach section directly in Bremerhaven in summer with a view of the maritime harbor edge. Watching passing ships, from a deck chair, is included of course.

By the way, from Bremerhaven you can also set sail for Helgoland! Crossings (there/back) as a day trip cost approx. 50 Euro per person. Departure: Willy-Brand-Platz, 27568 Bremerhaven (parking spaces in the Havenwelten parking garage). – More info –

Bremerhaven in summer

You want more tips for a short vacation or a trip to Bremerhaven and Bremen?

As a real North German girl I travel a lot between Hamburg and Bremen, the Baltic Sea coast and the North Sea coast. Therefore I have many tips and information to my favorite topic Heimatliebe North Germany in the luggage.