Bremen food: Classics, craft beer and surprises

Beer culture, good coffee and tea are as much a part of Bremen as the Weser River or the Bremen Town Musicians. Bremen has a lot to offer in terms of cuisine and the food in Bremen always surprises in a very unusual way.

Today I'm taking you on a culinary tour of Bremen. I'm on the lookout for the best food in Bremen, authentic dishes and the culinary highlight that I was not expecting at all. I can tell you that much in advance, during my research I found a lot of tips.

Bremen food – hearty dishes with wow effect

My way leads me from the Bremen town hall, along the Weser through the Schnoor quarter to the Ostertor quarter in Bremen, which is also called the simple and purist quarter by the locals.

I have already visited the neighborhood and written about it here:

Bremen Knipp and Labskaus – spicy and hearty tradition

Bremen food: Knipp

What the Currywurst is for me as a Ruhrpottler, is a good and crispy fried slice of Knipp for the confessed Bremer. A Grutzwurst that is very spicy. Usually served with a gherkin and a generous portion of fried potatoes. Knipp you get at every corner and it is THE food in Bremen.

Bremen Labskaus is also one of the specialties from Bremen. This dish consists of cured beef or corned beef, with onions, beet and potatoes.

Must try: The Bremer Knipp and Labskaus quite classically bremisch as one eats it here. The best snack to explore the city again full of verve.

Bremen food Labskaus

Here you'll find the best Knipp and Labskaus in town:

  • , Am Landherrnamt 5, 28195 Bremen

Food in Bremen – For the sweet tooth

Schneemustorte – a slice of Bremen's lightness

Schneemustorte Bremen cafe plug Bremen food:

A cake that is actually not a cake: the original Schneemustorte from Bremen. This is a frozen mass of cream, cream and much more cream paired with fruity flavors. I have tried the Schneemustorte in the varieties pineapple and strawberry and was thrilled. The Schneemustorte is more of a parfait and just right for a hot day can also be the bright spot on a rainy day. You are spoiled for choice.

After enjoying this, I feel like I don't mind the rain at all on this day in Bremen. Apparently the snow mouse cake releases endorphins.

Here you can get the snow mouse cake:

, Knochenhauerstrabe 14, 28195 Bremen

The perfect coffee companion – Bremen coffee bread

bremer kaffeebrot Bremen food:

Sweet, buttery and the best snack to go with your coffee, this is Bremen coffee bread. A coffee cake that has only one purpose: To soak up as much coffee as possible and then taste even better. You can get the coffee bread in most bakeries. Often in Bremen's traditional cafes a piece is served with your steaming cup of coffee.

Here you can get Bremen coffee bread:

, Marterburg 32, 28195 Bremen

Sweets for the soul – specialties from Bremen

Bremen sweets Bremen food


Schnoorkuller are a specialty of thewhere they are made since 1987. The Schnoorkuller are small tasty balls of nut meringue, then filled with nougat, coated with milk chocolate and rolled in roasted nuts. Delicious.

Bremen Babbeler

Bremer Babbeler are pepperminty candy canes with a soothing effect. The original Bremer Babbeler, knows here each child, because the sticks in the red-white paper are manufactured still today after original prescription of 1920.


Bremer Kluten are small, fine, handy cubes of peppermint stock, half coated with dark chocolate. They are about the size of two lumps of sugar cubes and have just the right balance between a delicious peppermint flavor and the bitterness of dark chocolate.


The Dresden his Stollen is the Bremen his Klaben. The stollen-like pastry flaunts raisins and lots of spices. The Bremer Klaben, however, comes without the typical powdered sugar layer and tastes incredibly buttery.

Here you can get the Bremen sweets:

, Marterburg 32, 28195 Bremen

An original rollo from the traditional snack bar

Admittedly, when I think of Bremen delicacies, I don't automatically think of an Arabic specialty that has become a true institution in Bremen. When you go around the houses in Bremen in notorious neighborhoods one thing definitely belongs to it: A delicious rollo. As the name suggests, the Bremer Rollo is a filled roll that consists of flat bread.

For nostalgics and purists there is the Rollo filled with best Donerfleisch. But exotics also get their money's worth. The Rollo is served today also modern in vegan, vegetarian or also somewhat more unusual variants.

Be sure to try it: Tandour's rollo at Sielwall in the quarter. Here you get the full load of tradition and a tasty snack on your hand.

Delicious Rollos Here:

Tandour, Sielwall 5, 28203 Bremen, Germany

Food in Bremen – Liquid gold

Spoiled for choice – Craft Beer in Bremen

Craft Beer in Bremen Bremer Essen

Craft beer seems to be on everyone's lips at the moment, with small microbreweries popping up like mushrooms all over the place. Craft beer has arrived in Bremen, too, and with a fair amount of passion. At the Union Brewery in Walle, the brewmaster creates pale Keller Pils as well as fruity award-winning Pale Ale. Even a vegan beer, which, including the glue on the bottle, contains no animal products, is on the menu. Here one thinks evenly also times around the corner.

In addition to the range of different (extremely tasty) beers, there is also something here between the gills properly. The chef creates dishes in the good old brewery style, but always with a twist and often with their own beers themselves. But not only nostalgics get their money's worth, besides classics like Backfisch or Knipp there are also sensational burgers and many other things.

Definitely try it: For a first impression, you can order the 5 Dauerbrenner beers in small format here and thus try your way through the menu. To eat? Goulash. Sounds now puristic, is it however not because the first-class beef from the region is stewed with tidy Porter beer and gets thereby its characteristic and strong taste.

Here you can get the likeable Craft Beer:

, Theodorstrabe 12-13, 28219 Bremen, Germany

The best coffee enjoyment in an industrial atmosphere

Lloyd Caffee Bremen Bremen food

Coffee is sometimes like a caress for the soul. The pleasure becomes especially interesting when you can choose exactly the right coffee to caress your taste buds. Here at Lloyd Caffee in the Bremer you will find the coffee with the bean that suits you exactly. I'm a big fan of strong coffee with a mild acidity. I like it strong and a little rougher.

Bremen is of course the perfect place to sample the world's coffees. Here you can explore the range and get first-class, passionate advice. On top of that, you'll get lots of tips for the perfect coffee experience. Believe it or not, you can also make a lot of mistakes when making coffee.

Must try: The Honduras Forest coffee is a very special coffee. With a slightly chocolaty note and almost no acidity, the coffee is perfect for the connoisseurs of flavors.

Here you can get your favorite bean:

, Fabrikenufer 115, 28217 Bremen, Germany

Tea enjoyment in the Schnoor

Teestubchen in the Schnoor Bremen Food

You can drink your tea in a really quaint and nostalgic way at the Teestubchen in the Schnoor quarter. You are spoiled for choice, because the Teestubchen serves many teas and at least as good food and delicious at coffee time. If you find it difficult to choose the right tea, you can browse through the entire assortment and get expert advice on the side. Who knows, maybe you'll try something completely new for once?

After tasting your new favorite tea, you can simply take it with you, because the Teestubchen also sells all the teas on offer. Besides the teas, there are many homemade jams and delicious mustard.

Must try: The wonderfully aromatic Ostfriesen Sonntagstee, a black tea refined with real vanilla. The best for a wet rainy day in Bremen. But I've learned: In Bremen, they actually just say "high humidity".

Here you get tea and ambience:

, Wustestatte 1, 28195 Bremen, Germany

Fine fires that tickle your nose

posh brandies Bremen food

The motto of Britta Rust and her fine brandies is: "Distilled with heart and hand". And that's exactly what you notice immediately when you enter the small store at the Europahafen. The openly accessible distillery with the copper boilers immediately reveal that is produced here. The difference to many other brandies is in the process, here is burned twice. This makes the brandy very aromatic and especially mild.

Must-try: In addition to the classic fruit brandies made from pears, mirabelles, apricots or quinces, there are also the so-called Geists here, which are, for example, nuts that are mixed with alcohol. Especially delicious is the walnut and raspberry spirit.

Here's where to get the aromatic brandies:

, Hoerneckestrabe 3, 28217 Bremen, Germany

Pho Viet – a little piece of Vietnam in Bremen

Pho Viet Bremen Vietnamese Bremen food:

A cobbled together decoration in an equally cobbled together wooden hut. In addition, garish plastic tablecloths and kitschy Asian music. When I entered Pho Viet, I knew one thing immediately: I love it! Near the Europahafen in Bremen you will find a little piece of Vietnam. I was immediately stung in the heart by the restaurant, which from now on I'd like to call a loving board shack.

Must try: Here you get authentic Pho and equally authentic Vietnamese spring rolls. Forget the fried and greasy things you've known until now. It's time for light, airy spring rolls that taste so fresh you'll feel like you're in Vietnam at Halong Bay.

You can get authentic Vietnamese food here:

Pho Viet, Auf der Muggenburg 15, 28217 Bremen, Germany

Syrian dishes at Markthalle Acht

Markthalle 8 Bremen Syrian Bremen food:

Syrian cuisine was not on my radar until my visit to Markthalle Acht in Bremen. Through a recommendation I went in search of the Syrian stall recommended to me. There is supposed to be really good food here, but I was taught otherwise.

The food is an explosion of flavors. Besides the classic, falafel, the nice Syrian operator here offers shawerma. A flatbread stuffed with meat. In my case with lamb and a gigantic (!) Spice mix. I feel like I'm in an Arabian bazaar, literally soaking up the aromas of cinnamon, anise and cardamom.

Definitely try: As much as you can manage. Let's be honest, how often do you get the opportunity to eat Syrian food? I returned directly the next day and continued to eat my way through the offer. You should also try Fool, a dish made of thick beans and equally aromatic spices, and the irresistible mocha.

Syrian dishes here:

, Domshof 8-12, 28195 Bremen

Extra tip: Enjoy your favorite food on the Weser River

eat in Bremen Essen

Everyone's doing it and you should too: Enjoy your lunch break or your favorite meal on the Weser river. This is what everyone does when the weather is good and the Weser shore around the Schlachte is visited by a real crowd of people. Find yourself here best a comfortable bench and enjoy the short carefree time with a view of the Weser. Balm for the soul.

Trip from Bremen to Bremerhaven

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