Best time to visit Portland, Oregon, all year long

Portland, Oregon offers many opportunities for outdoor activities. This makes June through August the best time to visit Portland because of the warm weather that visitors can enjoy. This is a popular time to visit, so it is important to book your accommodations in advance, and be prepared for higher room rates than at other times of the year. Prices are cheaper in spring and the city is less crowded, but expect some rain and cooler temperatures. Fall is similar in terms of crowds and room rates, and winter is popular for skiers and snowboarders at nearby Mount Hood. Photo: Josemaria Toscano / Fotolia

Getting to Portland, Oregon

January is one of the coldest months in Portland with an average low temperature of 36 ° F (2 ° C). Although it is the middle of winter, Portland does not experience much snowfall. Rain is common, however, with the city averaging 5 inches (124 mm) of precipitation. Average high temperatures are 47 ° F (8 ° C).

In FebruaryTemperatures rise slightly to a mean 51 ° F (11 ° C). Low temperatures remain consistent with the previous month. February is the month with the most snowfall of 2 inches (5 cm).

March is the last month of Portland's winter and signifies the beginning of the steady upward climb in temperature. High temperatures are 57 ° F (14 ° C). The snowfall stops completely.

Portland weather in April: as spring settles in Portland, average high temperatures begin to break the 60s April. This is the best time to visit gardens and arboretums in Portland as winter rains decrease significantly and become light spring showers. Average high temperatures reach 61 ° F (16 ° C).

In can, high temperatures hover around 20 ° C, while low temperatures can drop to 49 ° F (9 ° C).

June brings temperatures in the mid 70s with summer approaching. Precipitation totals drop to 43 mm. This means less rain, but not necessarily more sunshine. Average highs and lows range from 23 ° C to 12 ° C, respectively.

July is one of the warmest and driest months in Portland. Average high temperatures can rise to 81 ° F (58 ° C) and precipitation falls to just under 1 inch (17 mm). This is the ideal time to plan outdoor activities and barbecues in summer.

Portland weather in August: temperatures and precipitation amounts stay exactly the same August, with July tying as the warmest and driest month in Portland. The almost non-existent precipitation makes it a great time to explore the city's forests, beaches and rivers.

In September, temperatures begin to cool again as average highs drop to 76 ° F (24 ° C). Rain showers increase in frequency to an average rainfall rate of 2 inches (37 mm), indicating the end of summer. The average low temperature in September is 53 ° F (12 ° C).

October brings even more rain to Portland, increasing precipitation to an average of 3 inches (76 mm). During the fall season, average high temperatures steadily decline into the mid-60s.

November is the rainiest month in Portland with 143 mm of precipitation. Temperatures continue to drop. Low temperatures drop to 40 ° F (5 ° C). High temperatures average 53 ° F (12 ° C).

DecemberFor the coldest month in Portland, short snowfalls arrive. Despite being the coldest month of the entire year, Portland winters are not too extreme with average low temperatures of 35 ° F (2 ° C) and average high temperatures of 46 ° F (8 ° C).

Best months for day trips to Oregon waterfalls and other beautiful sights and scenery are July and August. The summer months are also the best time to see Oregon's Painted Hills and John Day Fossil Beds National Monument. Despite the frequent showers, spring is considered by locals to be the best time to visit the vineyards and large summer gatherings. Photo: ftfoxfoto / Fotolia

Travel to Portland, Oregon – continued

Portland International Airport is an award-winning airport served by domestic and international airlines. There are over 400 flights daily and the airport has free Wi-Fi, many restaurants, and tax-free shopping. By train, Amtrak connects San Diego with Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland before continuing on to Seattle. Portland International Airport is an award-winning airport served by domestic and international airlines. There are more than 400 flights daily and the airport has free Wi-Fi, many restaurants and tax-free shopping. By train, Amtrak connects San Diego with Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland before continuing to Seattle. Photo by Chris Boswell / Fotolia

Coming from the airport

There are several ways to get from Portland International Airport to downtown Portland. The MAX Light Rail Red Line is a great way to make the trip, as it only takes a little more than 30 minutes. Prices are very reasonable and it's easy to roll your luggage onto the train. Cabs are available and a one-way trip to Portland takes 20 to 40 minutes and the fare is ca. $ 35. Blue Star's Downtown Airport Express is easy to find outside the baggage claim area. This shuttle runs every 30 minutes and costs $14 round trip. Hotel shuttles are also available. Photo: kichigin19 / Fotolia

Trip Portland Visitor Information Center

The Travel Portland Visitor Information Center is located at 701 SW Sixth Avenue in downtown Portland. This information center is located across from Nordstrom at Pioneer Courthouse Square in the heart of downtown.Pioneer Courthouse Square is adjacent to SW Yamhill Street, SW 6th Avenue, SW Morrison Street and SW Broadway. The information center is located near a MAX light rail stop. Volunteers are friendly and experienced and can help visitors plan their itineraries so they can see Portland's major attractions. The information center offers many maps, brochures and event listings to help visitors enjoy their time in Portland. Photo by Zack Frank / Fotolia

Getting around by light rail

With 84 stations and 52 miles of track, the MAX light rail is Portland's world-class public transit system and a popular way to get around the city. Trains run about every 15 minutes during the day, including weekends, but note that trains run less frequently in the early morning, midday and evening. MAX consists of five lines, all of which run through downtown Portland: The Blue Line, Green Line, Orange Line, Red Line and Yellow Line. Popular places to visit if you use MAX include Old Town Chinatown, Washington Park, Union Station, Moda Center, and you can ride it to the airport. Photo: ftfoxfoto / Fotolia

Getting around on foot, by cab, by car, by bike

There are several other ways for visitors to explore Portland and one popular way is on foot. Portland has a small downtown, and city blocks are half the size of standard city blocks. There are many public areas to explore and there are relatively few steep slopes. Portland is compact, so using cabs is convenient and not expensive. Renting a car is another option, but since Portland is so small and easy to get to on foot, a car can be a hassle, especially if you're looking for parking. Try a bicycle instead of a car? There are 315 miles of bikeways in Portland! Photo by CrackerClips / Fotolia


Portland offers a wide variety of culinary experiences. Many of the ingredients are locally sourced, including wild mushrooms and Oregon truffles, organic fruits and vegetables, and nuts like hazelnuts and walnuts. Wines from the Willamette Valley complement meals, and wood-fired ovens are popular and produce fantastic pizzas. Some of the restaurants are downtown, but many of the most popular restaurants are in downtown neighborhoods. There are also some family friendly restaurants that welcome children. Coffee is big in Portland, so there are plenty of coffee houses and cafes to choose from. Plus all of the wonderful bakeries and pastry shops. Portland is also famous for its street food carts. Photo: rabbitholephoto / Fotolia

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Portland is a great place to shop for more than one reason. First, there is no sales tax in Oregon, which results in many clients coming down from Washington. Most upscale shopping can be found in Pioneer Courthouse Square, where there are stores like Apple, Macy's, Microsoft, NIKETOWN, Nordstrom, Pioneer Place Mall, Tiffany and many boutiques. There are also several other shopping areas, such as the Nob Hill / Northwest and the Pearl District, which offer art galleries, boutiques and home furnishings stores. Some of the stores include Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware and Urban Outfitters. Antiques can be found in the Sellwood neighborhood. Photo: carballo / Fotolia

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Neighborhood Guide

Portland consists of many interesting and unique neighborhoods. Downtown is well planned: It's attractive, compact, pedestrian-friendly and full of fountains, historic districts, hotels, parks, public art and restaurants. In Northwest Portland you will find Chinatown including Chinatown Gate, Lan Su Chinese Gardens and many stores and restaurants. The Pearl District is a new and recycled neighborhood full of art galleries, boutiques, breweries, cafes, parks, restaurants and residential areas. Northeast Portland includes several neighborhoods like Irvington, the Alberta Arts District and the North Mississippi District. Southeast Portland is home to the Hawthorne, Laurelhurst, Westmoreland and Eastmoreland neighborhoods, as well as Sellwood with its antique stores. Photo: jpldesigns / Fotolia

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Getting Married in Portland, OR

Getting married in Portland is popular and easy to do. After you get your marriage certificate, choose a venue and let the party begin! There are so many elegant and unique places in and around Portland. The West End Ballroom in Portland is an affordable venue for up to 200 people. Eastside Exchange Ballroom and Cascade Rooftop offer unforgettable views of Portland and surrounding areas.Lan Su Chinese Garden can accommodate up to 250 people and is an exquisite venue for a romantic wedding. Hotel deLuxe is an elegant and affordable venue for up to 150 people. Photo: 80600246-RG / Fotolia

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Where to stay

Portland accommodations range from upscale downtown hotels to campgrounds near town. Most of the hotels in Portland are located in the city center, where there are many museums, restaurants and stores. The Lloyd District is located near the city center and is home to the convention center and large shopping and entertainment facilities. Jantzen Beach is located near Portland's neighborhoods of. Here are hotels with breathtaking views of the river. Other Portland accommodations include garden cabins, pet-friendly hotels, and historic rock 'n' roll hotels. For nature lovers, Portland offers several nearby campgrounds like Lost Lake Campground in Mount Hood. Photo: wallaceweeks / Fotolia

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