Bali: the most beautiful insider tips on the “Island of the Gods

Bali is considered the epitome of paradise. With its coconut-white beaches, mystical temples and beautiful coral reefs, the "Island of the Gods" attracts numerous tourists every year. Some of the tourism so far spared spots could preserve the island nevertheless. They are paradisiacal places, far from the tourist trails.

The east coast of Bali: enchanting solitude and crystal clear water

Without question Bali is a first class surfer's paradise. It's hardly surprising, then, that the majority of the four million tourists who arrive in Bali each year spend their vacations on the island's coast. However, many of the beaches are densely populated: Especially regions around the less beautiful but extremely lively cities of Denpasar and Kuta are touristically overpopulated. Here, numerous bars and clubs line the beach promenades, making party-loving tourists happy. On the east coast of the island, around the small towns of Amed and Tulamben, on the other hand, you can enjoy enchanting solitude. The partly still undiscovered beaches are stonier, therefore the water is especially clear – but also very calm. Surfing is not possible here. Instead, divers and snorkelers get their money's worth: beginners can take their "First Dive" to the U.S.S. Make Liberty at Tulamben. An incomparable experience.

Self-discovery in Ubud on Bali

Those looking for peace and quiet will find it especially in the interior of the island. The artistic Ubud has long ceased to be an insider tip and is a place of pilgrimage for all those who want to find their inner self: The city offers a wide range of yoga and meditation courses. But not far from Ubud is a mystical place known only to the fewest tourists: the village of Pedulu. Here runs a road lined with magnificent trees whose crowns are dotted with countless white cranes. Every evening, at dusk, as the sun sinks over the rice fields, the sublime birds return from their day's excursions. It is an unexplained, fascinating phenomenon of nature why the cranes always return to Pedulu. A folk tale tells that the herons are the reincarnation of thousands of Balinese who died in the 1960s during an anti-communist massacre.

Sunrise above the clouds: a hiking tour in Bali

Bali is a volcanic island: If you are in the interior, a hiking trip on one of the many volcanoes is highly recommended. It is not so easy to start climbing in the middle of the night. A local guide leads you for several hours up the partly stony, partly steep paths under a starry sky. Then, shortly before sunrise, you reach the top of the volcano and are rewarded for all your efforts. When the sun breaks through the clouds and gradually bathes everything in a golden light, then you believe for a moment that they exist – the gods of Bali.

Bali: The island of a thousand temples

Bali is also called the island of a thousand temples. And for good reason: the most widespread faith on Bali is that of Hinduism. Religion is firmly anchored in the village communities. Small offerings and altars can be found almost everywhere. One of the most impressive temples is the one in Uluwatu. Situated directly on the cliff, here you can get to know the culture of the island in an incomparable setting. Especially the traditional fire dance, which is performed almost daily in front of the setting sun in the temple, is an experience. A Balinese fable is expressed in Indonesian dance, while a traditional "Kechak" choir, consisting exclusively of men, provides an impressive soundscape with hypnotic sounds.

The area of Uluwatu is also extremely popular with surfers, as the waves here sometimes grow to impressive size. A small, enchanting bay, not far from the temple, can only be reached at low tide and only if you dare to walk through the narrow passages of a rock face. A risk, which is compensated with one however in each case.